• RE: 1.8V (1V8) to 3V3 (3V3) I2C bus translation

    I just ran across this, and wanted to point out that there might be a related thread regarding the ADG3245.  See ADG3245 for SPI and I2C 

  • RE: ADG3245 for SPI and I2C

    Thanks for your answer May,

    So, you think that if we use pull up resistors between the microcontroller and the ADG3245, we'll not need any pull up resistors between the ADG3245 and the AD5254?

  • ADG3245 leakage


    I am using STM32F401RE microprocessor to implement SPI.

    CLK rate is 1.5MHz.

    I try to use ADG3247/ADG3245 for translate 3.3V to 1.8V.

    It seems that there is a leakage between the bits. If I use the CLK input on A0 and nothing on A1 input, at the…

  • RE: ADG3245 for SPI and I2C

    This is a duplicate thread. The discussion is further discussed on the link below.

    ADG3245 for SPI and I2C


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  • RE: How does ADG3245 working?

    Hi Snowy,

    Here are the comments:

    1. The ADG3245 can only do down translation (2.5V down to 1.8V). This is discussed in the Mixed Voltage Operation, Level Translation section of the  ADG3245 datasheet on page 9. If signal comes from 1.8V side, the output…

  • RE: ADG3245B

    Hi AGXIN,

    May I ask, why do you call the ADG3245 as buffer? I'd like to clarify first how would you want to use the ADG3245 before I answer your questions. May I know your application? What is your expected output? Please take note that the ADG3245 is…

  • ADG3245 package question - [LFCSP] (CP-20) package

    The ADG3245 level shifter shows an exposed thermal pad for the 20-Lead Lead Frame Chip Scale Package [LFCSP] (CP-20) package.


    Can I tie the thermal pad to ground?



    I apologize if this is the wrong forum. I could not figure out where else…
  • Bus Enable on ADG chips

    What voltage do the BE bus enable (active low) pins need to be set to when not active low?

    The SEL pin is specified what voltage it needs but not this pin. I've looked across data sheets on multiple level translators to try and figure this out.

  • Maximum Pass Voltage on the ADG324x bus switches

    Can you please explain the meaning of the "Maximum Pass Voltage" specification listed in the datasheet for the ADG324x bus switches?

    The maximum pass voltage specification on the ADG324x family of bus switches represents the maximum voltage…

  • ADG324x Level Translation: high to low

    The ADG324x family are level translators that is capable of translating voltage levels from high to low only. This statement can be supported by the Truth Tables and is further discussed at the Mixed Voltage Operation, Level Translation Section of the…