• ADG2188 usage


    I am planning to use ADG2188B device for video selection.

    My requirement is as below.

    I have 6 composite video inputs with SD-PAL/NTSC standard. I want to select any 2 videos based on my internal logic.

    So I will connect X0 to X5 to input video…

  • ADG2188


    I am thinking of using ADG2188 crosspoint switch in my project to acquire EMG signals. The datasheet however, does not mention certain features of the switch.

    1) Signal Settling time

    2) Switching time

    3) Propagation Delay time

    4) Switching…

  • ADG2188 Reset pin


    Please tell me the ADG2188 has internal pullup on /RESET.

    I suspect I will be doing micro-greenwire to this QFN pin, due to PCB error, but am asking anyway.
    Thanks -- 

  • ADG2188 Software


    The software engineer who is working with the ADG2188 Eval Board is having difficulty getting started with communicating using the I2C interface. Are there any software routines available that might be helpful?

    Thank you,


  • ADG2188 - I2C read protocol

    I am attempting to us an I2C software package based on smbus read/write protocols. The write function works  but  the read function does not.

    I observe, using an I2C bus monitor, that an smbus read only sends 1 byte at the write phase, not 2 as specified…

  • SPICE model of ADG2188


    I am looking for to simulate ADG2188 switch in my circuit which I am using to switch multiple SPI interfaces. Please provide the SPICE model of ADG2188.



  • ADG2188 Source Code

    Dear all,

    Could anyone send me the source code of ADG2188?

    Thank you very much.


  • Question about ADG2188

    I would like to know can ADG2188 operate normally using single +5V or +3.3V supply voltage(Vdd)?

    I have checked the datasheet and EVB document. They don’t mention about the minimum operation voltage for single supply.

    The EVB document mentioned the…

  • Windows 8 x64 ADG2188


    I hope this is a simple question to answer, i am trying to play with the EVAL-ADG2188EB, i have install the software that came with the kit. however the application when run says "Firmware failed to download - check USB connection". i checked in…

  • Comms Issues with ADG2188 from PIC18F


    I am having trouble communicating with an ADG2188 Analog Switch Array to the extent that I'm stuck for what to try next. I'm talking to it from a PIC18F, firmware coded in C via MPLAB using the XC8 compiler. the I2C bus is working as there are other…