• ADG2128, strange crosstalk issue

    Im prototyping audio router / volume control board using adg2128 and multiple mcp4651 digital pots, all controling by stm32f103r m/c.

    My adg2128 schematic is very similar to eval board, single power supply 5v or 12v for avdd (tried both) and 3.3v for…

  • ADG2128, analog signal range


    Please let me ask you about Analog Signal Range of ADG2128 which is defined as VDD-2V(V max) in its's datasheet.

    Q1) We did test on the EVB which is equipped ADG2128 "Y" grade part, and observed it is actually restricted/clipped at VDD-1V(approx…

  • ADG2128 I2C Naking on correct address

    I have an ADG2128BCPZ-REEL7 on my board. Address lines A0-A2 are tied to ground making I2C address 1110000 + r/w bit. Analog supply is +/-5V. Logic supply is 5V. Microcontroller signal levels are 3.3V. I2C signals to the ADG2128 are being level shifted…

  • 3.3V VL logic supply for ADG2128

    In my application, I want to use VDD/VSS +12V/0V and +3.3V for VL for supplies
    the ADG2128 analog crosspoint. In the datasheet it is not clear if VL=3.3V is


    VL=3.3V a is valid option. Refer to the evaluation board schematic…
  • ADG2128 - supply down to 5V possible?

    We do currently have a development which utilizes the switch array ADG2128. Unfortunatley there is no information about the minimum VDD supply with VSS=GND.


    If I take a look at Fig 4 it seems that only the difference between supply and source voltage…

  • ADG2128: how bidirectional feature works?

    Reading the datasheet we have some doubt about the bidirectional feature of the device.

    In the General Description seems that the direction of the signal must be configured in the device using I2C but in the Theory Of Operation seemes that using I2C…

  • ADG2128:signal input range for B grade


    I am asked about signal input range for B grade ADG2128 from our customer.

    In the table 2 of the datasheet (Rev.D), It is blank for Analog Signal Range for B grade.

    ( In Y grade, it is descibed  as "Vdd-2V")

    I guess that the input…

  • ADG2128 : I2C Commands onto Evaluation Board (LDSW OFF)


    I'm using the ADG2128 evaluation board to monitor the I2C exchange to configure the switch.

    Goal is to be sure that our firmware (that will drive ours 5 ADG2128 onto our board) will sent the correct I2C commands.

    Onto my future board, i can…

  • ADG2128 Does switch state persists after analog supply interruption?

    For power saving reasons, I want to temporarily shut down VDD and VSS, while VL remains. After return of VDD and VSS, are the switch states still valid? Or are they lost or reset to off state?

  • How does the ADG2128 have such small input capacitances

    How does the ADG2128 have such small input capacitances. Each of the 8 inpits can connect to one of 12 outputs. The input cap off is only 3pF thus each switch is 3pF/12.