• ADG1636 Consumption


    In ADG1636 datasheet; why the power consumption would increase so much when Digital inputs=5V? 

    And in this case; what pin does Digital inputs mean? IN+; EN?



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  • ADG1636 Suitability

    I am looking for analog switches.

    The first is SPDT two channel. It must be capable of switching between a 0 to 14v square wave signal and a -5 to +14v zero crossing square wave  signal. Current less then 10mA

    The second is SPDT two channel. It must…

  • ADG1636 simulation model for LTspice?

    Will there be a simulation model for ADG1636? What equivalent models can be used (and if possible tweaked to behave like ADG1636) instead?

  • ADG1636 Large Signal Voltage Tracking & Idd

    I want data about ADG1636.
    Isn't there following data?

    "Large Signal Voltage Tracking vs. Frequency" like ADG5436F.

    "IDD vs. Logic Level" like ADG1219.

    I would appreciate if you could give me some data.

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  • ADG1636 simultaneous switching channels

    Can the inputs be tied together for switching without shoot through on the output?

  • ADG1636 has very high channel to channel crosstalk?


    When I look at the parametric table and datasheet, I see that the channel to channel crosstalk is +90dB. Is this correct? Is it a printing mistake? Shouldn't it be -90dB or something in the negatives? If it is not a printing mistake then is…

  • Inquiry on Power-Off Protection function of ADG5436F


    I would like to inquire about the power-off protection function of the analog switch being designed.

    The problem product was ADG1636, and a warning light(12V power supplied) was turned on while the switch supply voltage 12V was not supplied. …

  • RE: ADG836L

    Hi Vincent,

    The ADG836L, Dual SPDT/2:1 MUX and is capable in operating at Single Supply from 1.65V to 3.6V only. It is specified to accept Analog Signal Range of 0V to Vdd only. It will not accept negative input voltage.

    ADG1636 on the other hand is…

  • RE: AD822 Output on Multisim Simulator

    Allow me to clarify.  The original image I posted with the two comparators and the AND gate was to illustrate a window comparator.  It provides three logic outputs that represent the three states you are looking to detect.  That circuit does not output the…

  • RE: ADG839: Negative voltage switching

    Hi Emilzacharia,

    From my understanding of the schematic above:

    • It seems that the ADG839 is level shifted to the negative voltage with GND to -3.3V and Vdd to ground (0V). Checking at the ADG839 datasheet, this configuration might be working because