• ADG1612 about Absolute maximum ratings

    Let me ask you about the maximum absolute rating of the analog input

    Can you confirm that you understand yourself with the explanation of the analog input items and Note 1)?

    Q1: If the applied surge is clamped at VDD + 0.4V and the current value is 10mA…

  • ADG1612: Minimum supply voltage

    We want to use these part in a deign with a single 3V3 rail.  I cannot find any
    tolerance on the minimum voltage given in the datasheet which is 3V3.  Bearing
    in mind tolerance on the supply this would mean our supply could be slightly
  • ADG1612 SPICE Model


    I'm looking for a model of the ADG1612 for LTSpice. 

    In fact I would like to simulate the impedence of the switch which change with the amplitude of the signal. 


  • ADG1612 Single Supply On Resistance Error


    I use ADG1612 in my product. Supply power is 12V single supply and input power is 5V with 10k resistors in serial at one cha.

    12V supply, 220ohm resistors used to limit current. While the maximum current must be 54mA , 47mA happening. When…

  • ADG1612 for Lithium Battery Management

    An n-cell active charging/balancing system for n-cell series battery blocks connected in parallel is context of this discussion.  Typically EV battery systems are parallel blocks connected in series.  This does not allow for individual cells in the parallel…

  • RE: ADG 811 YRUZ Switch not high impedant in open mode

    Hi May

    I want to switch several needles of a programmer-/testboard; while programming I try to get the best signal I can achieve at the target device (Input impedance 1nF//47kohm, 6 devices parallel on one(!) line at a programmingspeed as high as possible…

  • RE: Alternative for SSM2404 in Pro Audio applications?

    Hi Bernd,

    Apologies for the delayed response here.

    To start off you could have a look at the ADG1612. This has very low THD+N Spec. If you have any more questions or this does not suit please let me know and I can look at it again.



  • Charge Injection

    The amplitude of the charge injection corresponds with the specified values in
    the datasheet. Only the sign is different than specified in the datasheet.

    Figure 33 in the datasheet describes a "negative" injection with a falling edge …
  • ADG712 specification

    Hello there,

    I want to use the ADG712BRUZ  @ 40 mA  3.3v 70C with 5 ms pulse.

    Presently we are using the the ADG1612, same conditions.

    The problem is that in the ADG1612 specification, rev b, page 7 table 5,

    we can see that at 125C,  Vdd=3.3v, Imax …

  • Signal applied to unpowered switch

    We are experiencing problems with the ADG1612 when the switch is not powered ON and a signal is applied to the analog input. What is the behavior of the ADG1612 switch when it is not powered. Is there any specific switch position selected by default when…