• ADG1608 setting VINH/VINL

    Hi ADI Expert,

    I have a question regarding the ADG1608, the power supply requested for its functioning. VDD/VSS supplied to +/- 7.5

    Condition1 setup Digital VINH=5.0V ,VINL=0.69V

    Condition2 setup VINH=7.5V ,VINL=0V

    Is that workable? Need your help to…

  • ADG1608 Leakage problem in Off state


    I am using some ADG1608 to multiplex 0~+5V analog signals. They are connected in a way that 2 signals are fed to 2 ADG1608, just 1 of the ADG1608 is powered with VCC=5V, VSS=0V and another one has no VCC connected. 

    There is no problem in switching…

  • ADG1608 - Can the enable pin be continuously held high, or must it be toggled when switching select line?

    ADG1608 - Can the enable pin be continuously held high, or must it be toggled when switching select lines?


  • AD8663的I/V放大电路,放大电阻用ADG1608切换的,输出只能放大10倍


  • RE: ADG608 or similar for +- 3.3V dual supply ?

    hello any help please . why are the ADG658 or ADG1608 better than ADG608 ??

  • confusing redundant temperature spec info in datasheet

    The datasheet is confusing. is the temperature spec +85C or +125C

    it mentions the Y suffix as industrial +125C as the abosulte max rating
    section. But no Y generic model can be ordered. However all default part is now
    spece to +125C…
  • Multiplexer connection to inverting amplifier

    I have ADG1608 multiplexer chip used as programmable amplifier in circuit 'A' an circuit 'B' below. Besides having different capacitance between on and off condition of the D and S pin of the multiplexer, what else should I consider to use one circuit…

  • RE: Current derating for multiplexers

    Hi  Lbidaux,

          I encounter the same question, is your project okey about more than 200mA with ADG1608?

          What's the difference between 'Continuous current' and 'Analog Inputs', which is 'VSS − 0.3 V to VDD + 0.3 V or 30 mA, whichever occurs first'…

  • RE: AD5933 measuring unknown impedance and setting proper resistors

    HI Greyesgt

    I hope you have already found a solution to your rbf, rcal adjustment problem. 

    I was wondering if this approach of connecting adg1608 multiplexer with eval board was successful?? 

    I am using this eval ad5933ebz board as well and I am planning…

  • RE: CN0411 ec: Questions

    I have an additional question:

    The ADG884BRMZ schematic in CN0411 shows D1 connected to S1A, and D2 connected to S2A, with a line inside the diagram. I assume this doesn't mean a trace; it just shows that's one of the two configs depending on switch…