• ADG1608 setting VINH/VINL

    Hi ADI Expert,

    I have a question regarding the ADG1608, the power supply requested for its functioning. VDD/VSS supplied to +/- 7.5

    Condition1 setup Digital VINH=5.0V ,VINL=0.69V

    Condition2 setup VINH=7.5V ,VINL=0V

    Is that workable? Need your help to…

  • ADG1608 Leakage problem in Off state


    I am using some ADG1608 to multiplex 0~+5V analog signals. They are connected in a way that 2 signals are fed to 2 ADG1608, just 1 of the ADG1608 is powered with VCC=5V, VSS=0V and another one has no VCC connected. 

    There is no problem in switching…

  • RE: AD8663的I/V放大电路,放大电阻用ADG1608切换的,输出只能放大10倍


  • ADG1608 - Can the enable pin be continuously held high, or must it be toggled when switching select line?

    ADG1608 - Can the enable pin be continuously held high, or must it be toggled when switching select lines?


  • RE: ADG608 or similar for +- 3.3V dual supply ?

    hello any help please . why are the ADG658 or ADG1608 better than ADG608 ??

  • confusing redundant temperature spec info in datasheet

    The datasheet is confusing. is the temperature spec +85C or +125C

    it mentions the Y suffix as industrial +125C as the abosulte max rating
    section. But no Y generic model can be ordered. However all default part is now
    spece to +125C…
  • RE: Current derating for multiplexers

    Hi  Lbidaux,

          I encounter the same question, is your project okey about more than 200mA with ADG1608?

          What's the difference between 'Continuous current' and 'Analog Inputs', which is 'VSS − 0.3 V to VDD + 0.3 V or 30 mA, whichever occurs first'…

  • RE: AD5933 measuring unknown impedance and setting proper resistors

    HI Greyesgt

    I hope you have already found a solution to your rbf, rcal adjustment problem. 

    I was wondering if this approach of connecting adg1608 multiplexer with eval board was successful?? 

    I am using this eval ad5933ebz board as well and I am planning…

  • RE: CN0411 ec: Questions

    I have an additional question:

    The ADG884BRMZ schematic in CN0411 shows D1 connected to S1A, and D2 connected to S2A, with a line inside the diagram. I assume this doesn't mean a trace; it just shows that's one of the two configs depending on switch…

  • RE: ADG608 Bandwidth

    HI Davide,

    Apologies I didn't read the title of the original post so I missed the part name.

    You are correct it is not given in the data sheet. the ADG608 is quite old and at the time the Bandwidth was not specified in the datasheet.

    The ADG1608 is…