• RE: ADG1606 (TSSOP)

    Hi Steve,

    Can you share how many ADG1606 EN pins are connected to the GPIO line? It might be that the sink/source current strength of the GPIO line is not enough the drive multiple ADG1606 properly.



  • RE: Can ADG1606 conduct current from 'S' to 'D'?

    Hai Mayp,

    First of all, sorry for the confusion.

    My entire query was completely about 'ADG1606'. Reframing my questions.

    1) Can ADG1606 be used to sink current on 'D' side from 'S'?

    From my understanding ADG1606 is NMOSFET…

  • AD7766, ADG1606

    Dear sir

    I want to use AD7766 to convert 16ch. (maybe 32) analogue input to digital.

    First question:

    To do that, I need an analogue MUX, concerning to noise and leakage current,  ADG1606 is a good choice or no ? if no, can you propose an analogue…

  • ADG1606 ESD protection


    I use an ADG1606 and others analog muxes in an analog front-end stage.

    The ADG1606 serves to multiplex the excitation current required to acquire 16 RTD sensors.

    I cannot use resistors in series with the inputs of the multiplexer.

    It's preferrable…

  • ADG1606 max current consumption at 150C?

    I would like to confirm what would be the max Current consumption for ADG1606 (power supply +-8V) greather than 125C i.e.150C?

  • RE: About the THD+N specification of ADG706 powered by +- 2.5V


    I am afraid there is no THD spec for the ADG706.

    Other 16:1 mux options that include a THD spec are the ADG1606, ADG1206 and the ADG1406. However, none of them have all of your requirements.

    The ADG1206 has -85dB off isolation and crosstalk and…

  • ADG1606: Unused pins S11,12,14,14,15,16


    I was wondering how to handle the input/output pins S11-16 if I don't plan to use them. I only need 10 input pins now, might expand later to use the other 6. But for now how should the unused pins be handled? Also, can pin 28 be left unconnected…

  • RE: Problem with ADG1606 protection

    Hi imanjohn,

    Have you any more details on what the fault is that is damaging the part? Is it a positive or negative over voltage condition?

    I have attached a tutorial which outlines protection methods to be used. You have implemented one of them but…

  • Migrating from ADG1606 to ADG726

    Dear EngineerZone Experts-

    Thanks in advance for your help. My team is currently using two analog multiplexer ADG1606 chips to control 31 signal channels. The PCB power is +/-5v. Due to some new design specifications, we will now power the PCB with a…

  • ADG1606 & ADG1604 Spice models

    Hello engineer zone team,

    i want to use the ADG1606 and the ADG1604 multiplexers in my circuit.

    First at all i want to simulate the circuit with a spice software.

    I cant find any spice model on your site.

    Do the spice models exists for this multiplexers…