• ADG1604 DC "Off resistance"

    Can you perhaps give me an indication of the DC off resistance between each
    input and the output of ADG1604?


    We don’t measure DC OFF Resistance but we do measure the OFF leakage with
    voltage stress across the switch.  The Off R can be calculated…

  • ADG1604 - Waveform change when connect input to source terminal


    I'm using ADG1604 for channel selections. The input singal is sinwave, 50 Hz.

    When I connect the input to the ADG1604 terminal, the signal waveform is changed alot.

    1. My Schematic

    2. The orginal input waveform

    3. Input signal waveform when…

  • 模拟开关ADG1604


  • ADG1604有过压保护电路吗


  • RE: Dealing with ADG1604 Crosstalk

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  • ADG1606 & ADG1604 Spice models

    Hello engineer zone team,

    i want to use the ADG1606 and the ADG1604 multiplexers in my circuit.

    First at all i want to simulate the circuit with a spice software.

    I cant find any spice model on your site.

    Do the spice models exists for this multiplexers…

  • I am using ADG1604. What are pins needed Pull up and pull down resistors ? Please suggest the resistor values.

    I am not getting proper results with ADG1604. please help me on pull up and pull down resistor values.

  • RE: ADG704 family

    Hi Matt,

    The ADG804 and the ADG1604 are other low voltage, low on resistance 4:1 muxes available in the Analog Device portfolio.



  • RE: ADG804 : maximum peak current

    Hi Ysuzuki,

    Can you share more information of the customer's application? I'm curious of the 3.5ms single pulse application.

    The Absolute Maximum Ratings ADG804 Data Sheet shows that Peak Current, S or D = 500mA is valid if the current is pulsed…