• ADG1434: IBIS model

    I want to know if there is IBIS model file of ADG1434 which can not be found in
    the website.


    Please find the ADG1434 IBIS model attached.

  • ADG1434, output current delay time

    if I deliver a sine wave voltage input to ADG1434, with a single load resistor, what would be the phase difference between the voltage and current passing trough this load?

  • ADG1434 VOUT "ramp" behavior

    I'm operating an ADG1434 at a relatively slow pace (~40 kHz) to produce an RC shaped square wave. I am curious about how the output of the switch should behave once the S and D pins are nearly the same voltage. I have attached an image of the basic setup…

  • Does the LTspice model of ADG1434 also model the CS/CD (ON/OFF) capacitance?

    In addition to that, what are the other parameters that are modeled in LTSpice model?

  • ADG1434

    Hello everyone,what the use of RLand CL? RL means return loss ?  what the mean of CL?  thank you ,looking forward your answer!

  • ADG1434

    Hello everyone,

    ADG1434 datasheet shows that ADG1434    Fully specified at ±15 V/+12 V/±5 V

    Can ADG1434 be powered by ± 6V?

    Thank you

  • ADG1434 AEC-Q


    just wanted to ask if the ADG1434 switch is based on the AEC-Q qualification standard?

    Thanks in advance

  • ADG1434 power supply

    I am thinking of using the ADG1434 with a VDD of +24 and VSS connected to GND.  This appears to be a valid configuration because the data sheet lists VDD to GND as a maximum of 25V, but I am nervous because 24V is pretty close to the maximum.  Also, the…

  • About characteristic change by temperature change of ADG1434


    Could you let me know the following information about ADG1434?

    1. Does the pin capacitance (CD,CS) change significantly with changes in temperature or input voltage?

    2. Fig. 22 of the data sheet P12 is a figure at 25 ° C, does the characteristic…