• ADG1434: IBIS model

    I want to know if there is IBIS model file of ADG1434 which can not be found in
    the website.


    Please find the ADG1434 IBIS model attached.
  • Alternate IC for ADG1434 with power off protection

    Hi all,

    We are using Quad SPDT switch ADG1434, in one of our designs.

    In our design, the input lines may be driven even when the power is off.

    Below disucssion suggests that ADG1434 is not suitable for such applications.

    ADG1434 Backfeed to Vdd when…

  • ADG1434 Powered Down Properties

    Background of Application:

    We have 4 independent analog signal lines that range from -12V to 12V coming from an external device.

    Configuration of ADG1434:

    Source Terminals A : Input analog signals from external device

    Source Terminals B : Gro…

  • ADG1434 AEC-Q


    just wanted to ask if the ADG1434 switch is based on the AEC-Q qualification standard?

    Thanks in advance

  • With regards to ADG5434 & ADG1434  EPAD

    Hi , 

    Could you please let me know if  ADG5434 & ADG1434  EPAD is connected to  VSS  internally .

    We see that it seems not to be connected internally .

    ADG1434: Exposed Pad. The exposed pad is tied to the substrate, VSS . 

    ADG5434:The exposed pad is connected…

  • RE: Choosing a CMOS Switch (ADG1434)

    Hello Ahygoon,

    A regulated supply for the ADG1434 is not required, but you need to understand that the on resistance of the channel will change with supply voltage. This is presented in the datasheet on page 10, figure 10.

    However, it is not recommended…

  • RE: ADG1434 power supply


    You should have a look at the ADG5434. The ADG5434 is pin for pin compatible with the ADG1434 but comes with a much wider supply range. It can operate with a single supply  from 9 V up to 40 V.

    If you have any other questions please let me know.


  • ADG1434 ESD part recommendation


    I am using the ADG1434 quad switch and we are having what appear to be ESD failures. Using a curve tracer, we can see 20-25uA @ 0.5V between pin 1 and VSS on two different failed parts. We have one more failed part that is closer to a dead short…

  • offset voltage problem with analog switch ADG333A, pin-compatible substitute?


    I've got offset voltages of 0,2V with a device containing ADG333ABNZ. Do the pin compatible newer versions like ADG1434 or ADG5434 correct this?

    Best regards,

    Simon Brem

  • ADG1434(YRUZ) Over-voltage Issue

    We are using ADG1434(YRUZ) biased at +15V for Vdd, -15V for Vss. The power input for the chip is from an APS rated at +/-15V and +5V with 10% trim (min). 

    During our experiment, we use several sets of chips, and one set of the chips was burned.

    We tried…