• ADG1419: Asymmetric supplies

    Is it possible to use the ADG1419 with +5V / -18V supplies?

    This is outside the +/-16.5V range listed in the +/-15V operation section, but well inside the 25V GND to VSS rating and the 35V VDD to VSS rating.

  • ADG1419 Thermal Shutdown

    Hi all,

    I was curious if the ADG1419 has a thermal shutdown. the junction temp shows 150C but that doesnt tell me if the thing will shut down around those temps. This will be used in the oil and gas industry so reaching 150C ambient is not out of the…

  • ADG1419 digital input form

    I use a ADG1419 with ±15 V DUAL SUPPLY. I connect first a mechanical switch for command (switch from +15V to 0V).

    All is ok.

    After that, I replace the mechanical switch by a digital output from a digital computer card (generate from 0 to 5V) :…

  • ADG1419:Power Supply


    I have a question about the ADG1419.

    I will use the power supply of the ADG1419 by the following settings.

    Vcc = +5V

    VSS = -15V

    Is the power supply setting possible?

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  • ADG1419 SPICE Model

    Which model should I use to simulate the ADG1419?

  • ADG1419 NC pin


    Is not the 5pin(NC) of ADG1419 internally connected?

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  • ADG1419 return loss

    ADG1419 is used on new design. The VCC is +5V and  Vss is -5V. The operating frequency is around 60MHz. But I found the return loss is not good. Would you provide the return loss testing results for me? thanks.

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    Regarding ADG1419. Will it be possible to work with a VDD of 1.8V , VSS of -7V and , SA of -7V and SB at GND?

    I can't figure out from the DS if its possible?

  • ADG1419 and ADG1421 switch

    I am using ADG1419 analog switch (SPDT) in opamp circuit. The IN pin of switch is driven from microcontroller. After making IN=1, I observed controller pin voltage dropped to 2.4V. When I checked input current of IN pin it was 35 mA. Same switch if driven…

  • ADG1419 EN pin termination


    I have a customer who is considering connecting the EN pin to VDD to keep the switch permanently enabled, but wanted to know if there is a chance that any digital noise on the IN pin could couple to VDD via the EN pin. Is it recommended to connect…