• Problem is ADG1419 destroying itself

    I have a design using the ADG1419BRMZ that is blowing up without any just cause on power up. It is supplied +/-15V that comes from +18V and -18V from bench supply and using an LDO.

    The input control is from an Ultrascale+ that will not be fully power…

  • ADG1419 digital input form

    I use a ADG1419 with ±15 V DUAL SUPPLY. I connect first a mechanical switch for command (switch from +15V to 0V).

    All is ok.

    After that, I replace the mechanical switch by a digital output from a digital computer card (generate from 0 to 5V) :…

  • ADG1419 getting hot -- one S pin is floating. Also would like details on internal clamping diode connections

    Powering an ADG1419 with one S pin connected and the other floating -- the ADG1419 is getting warm to the touch.

    Is floating an S pin deleterious?  Not mentioned in the data sheet.

    The data sheet also mentions clamping diodes on SA, SB, D and IN pins…

  • ADG1419: Asymmetric supplies

    Is it possible to use the ADG1419 with +5V / -18V supplies?

    This is outside the +/-16.5V range listed in the +/-15V operation section, but well inside the 25V GND to VSS rating and the 35V VDD to VSS rating.

  • ADG1419模拟开关上电过一会芯片就会烧,咋回事?






  • RE: ADG1419 and ADG1421 switch

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

    Thank you,

    Regarding ADG1419. Will it be possible to work with a VDD of 1.8V , VSS of -7V and , SA of -7V and SB at GND?

    I can't figure out from the DS if its possible?

  • ADG1419 return loss

    ADG1419 is used on new design. The VCC is +5V and  Vss is -5V. The operating frequency is around 60MHz. But I found the return loss is not good. Would you provide the return loss testing results for me? thanks.

    Best regards,


  • Can we connect EPAD to -15V for ADG1419

    Datasheet says EPAD should be connected to -VS substrate. Our application has -15V as VS & we have connected the EPAD to -15V as per the datasheet info.

    But now we are observing a weak pull down to VS. For example, even if the switch input (SA) is…

  • About ADG1419 return loss test report

    Hi All,

    Our customer is need S11& S21(Full Band) return loss test report of ADG1419, Could you help to provide it?

    Test Condition:
    At 1KHz~70MHz, When 60MHz the S11 is around 7dBc

    Thanks a lot