• Can I get a Spice model or an equivalent circuit of ADG1419?


    I'm developing high isolation switches consisted of ADG1419. I'd like to calculate the isolation of switches because its impedance is not 50 ohm. 

    Can I get a Spice model or an equivalent circuit of ADG1419?

  • ADG1419:Power Supply


    I have a question about the ADG1419.

    I will use the power supply of the ADG1419 by the following settings.

    Vcc = +5V

    VSS = -15V

    Is the power supply setting possible?

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  • RE: ADG1419: Asymmetric supplies


    Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the operation of this device at these supply ranges as it is outside the range specified in the datasheet.

    The absolute max ratings on the datasheet are stress rating and do not indicate performance.

    You could have…

  • ADG1419 SPICE Model

    Which model should I use to simulate the ADG1419?

  • RE: The circuit design of ADA4530-1


    Thank you for your query about the ADG1419 & the CN0407.

    The current in the circuit is measured by the ADA4530-1 Femtoampere Input Bias Current Electrometer Amplifier. Therefore the leakage of the ADG1419 does not have an effect on the low current…

  • ON-resistance differnce between chips on ADG1419

    Could you tell us ON-resistance differnce between chips on ADG1419?

    I'm evaluating ADG1419 to use in switch as selecting multi channel LPFs. In this case, ON-resistance is required that variation of resistance between chips is less than 0.5 ohms.…

  • RE: ADG1419 Thermal Shutdown

    Hi Erik,

    No, the ADG1419 does not have a thermal shutdown feature.



  • ADG1419 NC pin


    Is not the 5pin(NC) of ADG1419 internally connected?

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  • RE: About ADG1419 return loss test report

    HI Rex,

    This looks like the same query as below:

    ADG1419 return loss 

    We are currently looking into this



  • RE: ADG1419 and ADG1421 switch

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