• ADG1414 - Unpowered behaviour

    Hi all,

    I am using an ADG1414 in single supply 12V mode to control LEDs on an isolated 5V supply (routed through the Drain-Source of the switches).

    I observe that when the ADG1414 is unpowered (all power lines floating), then the switches are not fully…

  • RE: cn-0209


    Can I know  about the switch configuration of ADG1414 for thermocouple connection?



  • RE: SDO issue with ADG1414


    Thank you very much for taking the time to help me and thank you for those captures.

    I do confirm that on the results I get, that is not the same bit that drives the final state of the SDO line.

    Test one: 0111-1111-0111-1111  my result : SDO…

  • RE: Current Issue of ADG1414

    Hi freewill,

    I'm glad the issue was resolved. You are correct, the exposed paddle should be connected to the Vss pin.



  • Reset Pin query for ADG1414

    Hi, I am considering using multiple ADG1414 Devices daisy chained together.

    I will be supplying the chip via a single 12V supply.

    I have a requirement to turn off switches immediately if a fault is detected. As there is no OE pin I will use the reset…

  • RE: ADG1414: active edge and other SPI details


    Thanks for your query on the ADG1414.

    For the ADG1414 the data is clocked in on the SCLK falling edge, and it is transferred out on SDO on the rising edge of SCLK. So in fact both edges are considered "Active"

    Does the SCLK have to be low when…

  • RE: How to update the switches?

    Hello Sean,

    "operate it again" means I send new SPI data to ADG1414 without reset it.For example,after power on,I send 0xff to ADG1414,then all switchs keep on-state.After this,I send 0x55 to it,It would have 4 switchs on,and 4 switchs off…

  • RE: CN0209 Accuracy error

    Thanks Derrick this error is similar to what I am measuring both in the evaluation board and in our board.

    Still I would like to know the configurations and formulas for the rest of interfaces if possible.

    I have another question. Is it possible to…

  • RE: Problem with ADG1414: SPI doesn't work

    The ADG1414 now works correctly.

    Using the x10 probes with long ground clips we obtained the results that we expected.

    Thank you for your help!


  • ADG1414 Issues when Daisy Chained

    I'm trying to use 4 ADG1414 Analog Switches for a DUT mux (from a bus).  I have them connected in the following manner:

    SPI Interface

    RESET/VL is tied to the 5V supply.

    The DUT_CS is controlled by a 3x8 decoder.

    During debug/testing of this circuit…