• ADG1412 Pspice Model Errors

    Hi,I found a error in the ADG1412.cir and I solved it.

    The error in Pspice is "  Less than 2 connections at node  xxx.33".

    Before modifing:

    ** SWITCH 3 **
    D9 11 13 DCLAMP
    D12 33 4 DCLAMP
    D11 10 13 DCLAMP
    D10 4 11 DCLAMP

    After modifing…

  • Glitch from ADG1412 spice model switch

    Hello, I am creating an amplifier with digital gain control and I would like to simulate the ADG1411/12 switch. I loaded the ADG1412.cir model into LTSpice and created the circuit you can find attached (sorry for the unreadable wiring). First step, only…

  • Voltage output: ADG1412.cir model into LTSpice

    Hello, I loaded the ADG1412.cir model into LTSpice and created the attached test circuit. With a voltage input of 10 volts at pin2, I expect to see 10 volts at pin three when I enable S1 though pin 1. I only see 4 volts at the output on pin 3. 

  • RE: ADG1412 - When IN signal is Logic "1" the switch is activated meaning closed. The data sheet says S and D terminals could both be Input/Output. Does this mean S and D are shore circuited when IN is logic 1 ?


    For the ADG1412, yes, when the IN signal is Logic "1" the switch is closed and there is a very low resistance (typically 1.5 Ohms) between the source and drain terminals.



  • RE: SW06: Alternative product


    Do you have an application that required a JFET switch or would a cmos switch like the ADG1412 suit your application?



  • RE: ADG5412 series differences

    Hi Stefano,

    If you require the fault protection of the ADG5412F, I would suggest the next best alternative is the ADG5412BF. The BF version has fault protection on both the S and D sides of the switch.

    If fault protection is not critical for your application…

  • ADG1412YRUZ FIT data


    I wasn't able to find the wafer FIT data for ADG1412 listed online. Can you provide this information?



  • RE: Cannot switch S1/D1 off on ADG1414

    Actually looking into some of these dips are disturbing. Does not seem likely that this chip can be used:-( 

    I use the ADG1412 just fine but I wanted to avoid using too many connections on my controller and did not want to extend the BOM with an extra…

  • RE: ADG5462F is not giving output as expected_required immediate support

    Hi Nrupathunga,

    Are you looking for a drop in replacement for the ADG5462F LFCSP that fits the TSSOP pinout?

    Unfortunately all of our similar devices such as the ADG5412F ADG5412 or ADG1412 follow the same pinout structure.


  • RE: choose an VGA for 100khz small signal

    Thank you. AD4807+ADG1412 would be a good solution for me.