• ADG1412 Pspice Model Errors

    Hi,I found a error in the ADG1412.cir and I solved it.

    The error in Pspice is "  Less than 2 connections at node  xxx.33".

    Before modifing:

    ** SWITCH 3 **
    D9 11 13 DCLAMP
    D12 33 4 DCLAMP
    D11 10 13 DCLAMP
    D10 4 11 DCLAMP

    After modifing…

  • Glitch from ADG1412 spice model switch

    Hello, I am creating an amplifier with digital gain control and I would like to simulate the ADG1411/12 switch. I loaded the ADG1412.cir model into LTSpice and created the circuit you can find attached (sorry for the unreadable wiring). First step, only…

  • Voltage output: ADG1412.cir model into LTSpice

    Hello, I loaded the ADG1412.cir model into LTSpice and created the attached test circuit. With a voltage input of 10 volts at pin2, I expect to see 10 volts at pin three when I enable S1 though pin 1. I only see 4 volts at the output on pin 3. 

  • RE: ADG1412 - When IN signal is Logic "1" the switch is activated meaning closed. The data sheet says S and D terminals could both be Input/Output. Does this mean S and D are shore circuited when IN is logic 1 ?


    For the ADG1412, yes, when the IN signal is Logic "1" the switch is closed and there is a very low resistance (typically 1.5 Ohms) between the source and drain terminals.



  • RE: SW06: Alternative product


    Do you have an application that required a JFET switch or would a cmos switch like the ADG1412 suit your application?



  • RE: ADG5412 series differences

    Hi Stefano,

    If you require the fault protection of the ADG5412F, I would suggest the next best alternative is the ADG5412BF. The BF version has fault protection on both the S and D sides of the switch.

    If fault protection is not critical for your application…

  • ADG1412YRUZ FIT data


    I wasn't able to find the wafer FIT data for ADG1412 listed online. Can you provide this information?



  • RE: Cannot switch S1/D1 off on ADG1414

    Actually looking into some of these dips are disturbing. Does not seem likely that this chip can be used:-( 

    I use the ADG1412 just fine but I wanted to avoid using too many connections on my controller and did not want to extend the BOM with an extra…

  • RE: ADG5462F is not giving output as expected_required immediate support

    Hi Nrupathunga,

    Are you looking for a drop in replacement for the ADG5462F LFCSP that fits the TSSOP pinout?

    Unfortunately all of our similar devices such as the ADG5412F ADG5412 or ADG1412 follow the same pinout structure.


  • How do CMOS switch logic control voltage levels affect Idd?

    To help explain changes in Idd when using logic control line drive voltages different than those used in the Idd section of a datasheet consider the picture below.  It shows the logic control input for a CMOS single supply switch that uses an inverter…