• ADG1411 ESD

    Hi Guys,

    What's the ESD rating of ADG1411, or there is none and I need put ESD diodes externally.



  • ADG1411 behavior when powered OFF

    Hello, I would like to know if it's safe to have a signal input when ADG1411 is powered off, while keeping input currents in the safe zone :


    - input VS to sinus +/-10V signal through 1kohm, and VD=0

    => clamping occurs to VDD=0 or VSS=0…

  • ad698 select Oscillator Frequency by Analog Switch

    hi :

      we are designing a universal LVDT signal conditioner using AD698 for different Frequency LVDT,  to control the ad698 oscillator frequency by analog switch ADG1411. the problem is we can not get the exc wave at PIN 2 AND PIN 3. when we move ADG1411…

  • RE: Glitch from ADG1412 spice model switch

    Hi Antoine,

    The ADG1411 spice model Rev. 2.0 has been released. Please see ADG1411 Product page to download the copy.

    Let me know if this helps.

    Best Regards,


  • RE: ADG1412YRUZ FIT data

    Hi Kyle,

    Thanks for highlighting this. I will get this updated. In the mean time, you can use the data for either the ADG1411 or ADG1413, the data for the ADG1411, ADG1412 & ADG1413 is all the same.



  • RE: the junction-to-case thermal resistance

    Hello Leec,

    Unfortunately we only specify the Junction to ambient value on the ADG1411 datasheet.



  • RE: Voltage output: ADG1412.cir model into LTSpice

    Hi May, will the ADG1411 and 1413 models have the same issue? If yes, can they be modified also? Thanks

  • RE: Can I get a Spice model or an equivalent circuit of ADG1419?

    Hi K.Ikeda,

    You may use ADG1411 Spice model as a substitute for ADG1419.

    The ADG1411 is a quad SPST switch so you would have to use 1 switch out of 4. On resistance and other parameters are not the same as that of the ADG1419 so that would be something…

  • Question about ADG1211

    Hi All,

    Can  I use 15V/0V for INx pins (Logic Control Input pins) under VDD=15V and VSS=-15V conditions?

    Also, ADG411 and ADG1411 can be used same conditions?

    Best Regards,


  • RE: ADG1413 Automotive Qualified


    The ADG1411W is the version of this device that is AECQ100 qualified.

    There only difference between the ADG1413 and the ADG1411 is the digital logic is inverted for two of the switch channels.