• ADG1409: ADG1409: Process technology / MTBF

    Would you pls help check the process of ADG1409? In the reliability page, I
    can not find this part? 


    The ADG1409 is built on 0.6u High Voltage CMOS
  • RE: ADG1409 for switching power supply. Drop voltage

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  • Parameters I can change Spice models - ADG408/ADG409 to match behavior - ADG1408/ADG1409?

    Are there some parameters I can change in the models for the ADG408/ADG409 parts to match how an ADG1408/ADG1409 would operate?

    I have both spice models downloaded: AGD408/ADG409

    I would like to simulate ADG1408/ADG1409


  • Re: Mux ADG1409

    Hi Joaquim,


    There is no spice model available for the ADG1409.  The spice models we have available are at this site http://www.analog.com/en/tools-software-simulation-models/resources/index.html


    Please send a copy of your schematic for review.

  • ADG1409 for switching power supply

    Hi all,

    I want to switch two power supply (+5V and +12V) with an ADG1409 mux to 4 differents outputs. Please see attached image.

    I use U15 to select the power supply. With A0_1 == A1_1 == 0 in DA pin I will have +5V, and with  A0_1 == 0 nad A1_1 == 1…

  • RE: ADG1404 simulation model

    Hi Mstar,

    Unfortunately ADG1404 is not yet available in ltspice. 

    In the mean time, you can use ADG1409 (4:1 x 2) as an alternative. It has the closest specs with higher on resistance and bandwidth. 


  • RE: Single AD598 with 8 LVDTs with Multiplexers


    Apologies for the delayed response here,

    I think you are on the correct track here with the ADG1409. the first thing to think about when selecting a switch is the Supply voltage and the voltage you wish to pass.

    If you are using a +/-15 V supply…

  • Help Calculating Mux Specs from MT-088


    I've been putting together this small table for comparing mux specs for an ADC front end. I tried to use the formulas from Tutorial MT-088, but the numbers don't seem to add, specially settling time.

    I'm considering Rload as an op amp input…

  • RE: ADG408 and 409 multiplexer

    Hi, Tom.

    Apologies for the late reply.

    If the voltage passing through the switch are withing the switch's rails, VDD and VSS (+/-7.5 V in your case), it should be okay for you to replace the CD4051 and CD4052 with the ADG408 and ADG409.

    Your frequency…

  • RE: I-V  通过249R电阻转电压1-5V 的问题(附图)?