• ADG1409: ADG1409: Process technology / MTBF

    Would you pls help check the process of ADG1409? In the reliability page, I
    can not find this part? 


    The ADG1409 is built on 0.6u High Voltage CMOS
  • RE: Single AD598 with 8 LVDTs with Multiplexers


    Apologies for the delayed response here,

    I think you are on the correct track here with the ADG1409. the first thing to think about when selecting a switch is the Supply voltage and the voltage you wish to pass.

    If you are using a +/-15 V supply…

  • Parameters I can change Spice models - ADG408/ADG409 to match behavior - ADG1408/ADG1409?

    Are there some parameters I can change in the models for the ADG408/ADG409 parts to match how an ADG1408/ADG1409 would operate?

    I have both spice models downloaded: AGD408/ADG409

    I would like to simulate ADG1408/ADG1409


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  • RE: ADG1409 for switching power supply


    If power supply is not present in ADG1409 and a +12V signal are present in any analog input, can this situation damage the mux?


  • RE: Re: Mux ADG1409

    Hi Joaquim,

    The output resistance of the AD620 is typically very low because of the feedback of the output amplifier, but there is a short-circuit current limit at +/-18mA. The AD620 is specified with a 2k load, and the linear output current is about…

  • RE: ADG1408

    Thank you for your answer, I have already found the error, it was in the microcontroller's code. ADG1409 is really much more suitable for this application, but it is only a prototype, in final version of the device all chanels would be involved.

  • RE: ADG1409 for switching power supply. Drop voltage

    Hi Sean,

    It was my fault. I have soldered a ADG409 which impedance is 100 Ohms.

    Now the drop voltage with ADG1409 is 0.2V only.

    Sorry and thanks.


  • RE: I-V  通过249R电阻转电压1-5V 的问题?



  • RE: higher dual voltage on ADG759

    Hi Andre,

    The ADG759 cannot be used as the voltages used may damage the part.

    As an alternative would the ADG1409 (which is specified at +/-5.5V) or the ADG1609 (which is specified at +/-5.5V and 3.3V, but can be operated at +/-3.3V) be of use? The…