• ADG1408

    I used ADG1408 in the device which switches three differential inputs between 12 differential outputs (four channels for each input). In this way there are 6 ADG1408 chips and I use 4 output channels of each one, while remaining 4 channels are left unconnected…

  • ADG1408

    Hi. I have a questions on ADG1408.

    From page 9 of data sheet, "Overvoltages at A,EN,S or D are clamped by internal diodes..."

    In inputs S the overvoltage protection are before (left in Figure 1 page1of data sheet) or after (right) the switches…

  • ADG1408


    I have a problem with ADG1408

    For input voltage 1Vpp I have 60mVpp at the output. Signal frequency is set to 1.25MHz. When I set signal frequency to 1kHz 1Vpp, the output signal is 900mVpp. But in datasheet (figure 22) I can read the bandwidth…

  • ADG1408

    good morning
    I'm going crazy because I can't understand where I'm wrong, would you be so kind to explain it to me?
    what I need to do is select the gain of an amplifier.
    thank you

  • ADG1408

    Customer has seen two parts fail in their system i.e. bubble on top. We are wondering if there is a power initiation sequence that should happen because of the dual rails. Is there any other thing you think could cause this?

  • MUX ADG1408


    I'm working on a prototype which is using a total of 64 MUX controlled by FPGAs. MUX are powered with +/-12V. I started with assembling one MUX and tested it with success, I could easily control all switches. I then added 3 more MUX. What I observed…

  • ADG1408 supplies


    The data sheet indicates max input supply of 25V.  Even though the device is only specified at +12V and +/-15V (and +/-5V), can it be safely powered single-supply at +24V?

    If this is not advisable, is there an option for a low Rds 8:1 mux that…

  • ADG1408 Vs ADG408


    Is there any document descriobing what are the differences between ADG1408 and ADG408, apart from the obvious Rdson



  • ADG408 to ADG1408


    I need a simulation model for ADG1408 (lower RON). I have the model for an ADG408.

    Can anyone help with changing RON?

  • ADG1408 GND Pin

    Is the GND pin on the ADG1408 a digital ground or an analog ground? It is not clear on the data sheet, but I am thinking that it is the ground reference for the A0 - A2 pins.