• ADG1408


    I have a problem with ADG1408

    For input voltage 1Vpp I have 60mVpp at the output. Signal frequency is set to 1.25MHz. When I set signal frequency to 1kHz 1Vpp, the output signal is 900mVpp. But in datasheet (figure 22) I can read the bandwidth…

  • ADG1408

    I used ADG1408 in the device which switches three differential inputs between 12 differential outputs (four channels for each input). In this way there are 6 ADG1408 chips and I use 4 output channels of each one, while remaining 4 channels are left unconnected…

  • ADG1408

    Hi. I have a questions on ADG1408.

    From page 9 of data sheet, "Overvoltages at A,EN,S or D are clamped by internal diodes..."

    In inputs S the overvoltage protection are before (left in Figure 1 page1of data sheet) or after (right) the switches…

  • ADG1408

    Customer has seen two parts fail in their system i.e. bubble on top. We are wondering if there is a power initiation sequence that should happen because of the dual rails. Is there any other thing you think could cause this?

  • ADG1408 Analog Signal Range

            Hello, I have a problem  of ADG1408.

            Can I input 30V(respect to GND)voltage in drain of source while ±15V power supply by using ADG1408? 

  • RE: ADG1408 Vs ADG408

    HI Alon,

    The ADG1408 was developed on a more advanced process after the ADG408.

    By comparison the ADG1408 offers ultra low Ron, Ron Flatness and matching. As well as lower power dissipation.

    The ADG1408 is also physically smaller with the availability…

  • Parameters I can change Spice models - ADG408/ADG409 to match behavior - ADG1408/ADG1409?

    Are there some parameters I can change in the models for the ADG408/ADG409 parts to match how an ADG1408/ADG1409 would operate?

    I have both spice models downloaded: AGD408/ADG409

    I would like to simulate ADG1408/ADG1409


  • ADG1408 supplies


    The data sheet indicates max input supply of 25V.  Even though the device is only specified at +12V and +/-15V (and +/-5V), can it be safely powered single-supply at +24V?

    If this is not advisable, is there an option for a low Rds 8:1 mux that…

  • MUX ADG1408


    I'm working on a prototype which is using a total of 64 MUX controlled by FPGAs. MUX are powered with +/-12V. I started with assembling one MUX and tested it with success, I could easily control all switches. I then added 3 more MUX. What I observed…

  • ADG408 to ADG1408


    I need a simulation model for ADG1408 (lower RON). I have the model for an ADG408.

    Can anyone help with changing RON?