• is ADG1406 compatible with 24V systems?


    I am working on Truck OBD communication systems.

    I designed a prototype card and used ADG1406 for get communication with Truck's different communication pins. I added "multiple TVS"s for protect to MUX's pins.

    I use battery…

  • RE: About the THD+N specification of ADG706 powered by +- 2.5V


    I am afraid there is no THD spec for the ADG706.

    Other 16:1 mux options that include a THD spec are the ADG1606, ADG1206 and the ADG1406. However, none of them have all of your requirements.

    The ADG1206 has -85dB off isolation and crosstalk and…

  • RE: ADG1406 source charge injection

    Hi Carl,

    Unfortunately we do not have data for this. However for this device (ADG1406) the charge injection should be very similar with the source and drain swapped.



  • RE: ADG1406BRUZ-REEL7 / ADG726

    Hi Mohammad,

    Apologies for the delayed response.

    The ADG1406 and the ADG726 are not currently qualified to the AEC-Q100 standard.

    For a full list of automotive recommended parts please see


  • ADG5404, ADG1406, ADG442: case temperature:

    Pls advise the case temperature of below ADI devices:


    For the switch/multiplexer parts the max case temperature can be calculated as
    Tc = Tj - Pd x Thetajc

    Tj = maximum jn…
  • ADG1406 Cd(off),Cs(off) in disabled state (EN low)

    I have a question about the Drain and Source Off-Capacitance of the ADG1406 Multiplexer. 
    Do these parameters change while the multiplexer is fully powered and I am disabling the IC with pulling down the ENable Pin? In wich case the parameters in the datasheet…

  • RE: ADG725/731 with higher supply voltages

    Hi David,

    We dont have +/-10V Differential 16:1 or 32:1 mux.

    The highest channel count +/-10V or +/-15V mux we have is Diff 8:1 or 16:1 mux.  These have parallel interface.

    Low Ron option is the ADG1406/7 http://www.analog.com/en/switchesmultiplexers…

  • RE: AD7766, ADG1606


    The multiplexers are typically designed for either low R-on or low Capacitance.

    The trade off is down to the speed at which you want to settle/switch channels versus reducing any error caused by the switch resistance.

    Look at the following and…

  • ADG1406 in LFCSP_VQ package. It is analog mux. All channels except last on pin 1 are working.  I  have 4 ICs and on all four common signal does not propogate through on the last 15th channel. Any idea?

    I am using ADG1406 in LFCSP_VQ package. It is analog mux. The first 15 channels are working fine but the last one with output on pin 1 in this package does not work. Signal does not propagate through. I have 4 ICs and all 4 vehave the same way.

    Do you…

  • RE: 工程师的“奥斯卡”开评,大奖邀你当评委



    可以说在工业设计中,电源、隔离、模拟信号(ADC/DAC)以及通信协议是核心部分。带隔离、带混合信号的ADSP CM41x系列是一个最佳的突破。(虽然我是搞FPGA的,也真真心心希望FPGA也出一款带隔离、带混合信号、电源轨方便的芯片,跑题了,遁。。。。。)

    2、“超越一切可能”最佳合作奖。福特汽车公司已选中ADI汽车音频总线 (A2B)作为其首要信息娱乐网络技术。