• ADG1404

    Hi everybody!!!

    I have a question about the ADG1404.

    I have this switch that are powered with +/- 15 V gived by a dc/dc converter (Traco TMA0515D).

    Two of the four input are connected to two voltage divider and one to a resistor while the last is disconntected…


    Hi all,


    I am using the ADG1404 MUX in my designs and I have supplied the EN (Enable pin) with a voltage of up to 3V3. 


    What I want to know is what is the maximum voltage that I can supply to the EN (Enable) pin? I have this question because it would…

  • RE: ADG1404 +5V single end operation


    The ADG1404 will work with 5V single supply.  The ytpical Ron at 5V single supply is 6ohms.



  • RE: ADG601: Connection between D and S

    Hi Matteo,

    Is it possible to have a scope shot showing your results? Can you place the scope probes on the nodes VBatt, SHDN, and +VH? IT would be better if you could show the result when you toggle the SHDN node to logic 0.

    Another question would be,…

  • High Speed low noise Instrumentation Amplifier with Disable?

    Hello I need low noise high speed and high precise Instrumentation Amplifier, my first idea was any as

    Figure 68. in datasheet  The 3-op-amp instrumentation amplifiers AD8620+AD8610.

    Amplifier is used as differential amplifier with high resistance input…

  • Is there a a path between VSS and GND on the ADG1404?


    We have a circuit showing some odd behavior.  The first problem is that there were times when VSS was left floating for some period of time on the ADG1404.  Now we have grounded it but it still looks as if there is a 300K path to ground through…

  • RE: Multiplexer for demodulation

    Hi Charles,

    It will depend on what switch configuration you will need but I think a good starting place would be the ADG1404 and ADG1408 switches.  They have rail to rail operation and offer very low Ron. 



  • RE: Create several gains by putting analog switch at OP feedback route to switch resistor.

    Hi Neousys-Brad,

    From your info above I would recommend the ADG1404 as the 4 to 1 mux and the ADG1419 as the 2 to 1 mux. All information on these parts can be found on Analog.com.



  • 1. Thermal Resistance Junction to Board (Theta JB): 2. Thermal Resistance Junction to Case (Theta JC):

    Could you please help me with the thermal information for the part: ADG1404YRUZ
    at the earliest
    1. Thermal Resistance Junction to Board (Theta JB):
    2. Thermal Resistance Junction to Case (Theta JC):


    The Theta JA is 150°C/W  and…
  • Capacitance Cds(on)


    we are using two Multiplexer/Switches ADG1404,ADG1436 to change measurement ranges in an application. While measuring low currents we use a high resistance of about 1MOhm to convert the current into a voltage. The problem that occurs is, that…