• ADG1219: Supply voltage

    We are interested in your ADG1219 Switch but we would like to know if it can
    work with 3-3,3V Vdd. It is possible to have N°2 samples for tests.


    These devices are not designed to operate at 3.3V. Although these devices can
  • ADG1219 SPICE model

    I would like to do a simulation using an ADG1219 switch. I would like to model the affects that this switch will have on the bandwidth when used on the input of a transimpedance amplifier with a photo diode. Is there a SPICE model available that could…

  • ADG1219 single Supply question

    Hi to all,

    is it possible to power ADG1219 from +15V single supply?

  • ADG1219 & analog switch selection

    I am trying to select analog switches: my inputs will be 0 to <1.6V( max of ADC input). In fact we  limit these to <1.5V as sensor outputs. But because of the way the control will work, we hardly can accommodate much delay in transit. The  sensor…

  • ADG1219: Spice modell to simulate the charge injection?

    Do we have a Spice Modell available for eth ADG1219 - or are we able to
    simulate the charge injection?


    I am not aware of a SPICE model for the ADG1219 that we can share with

    It looks to me that the customer wants to…
  • RE: Can I use analog switch as chopper switches

    Hi John,

    I'm glad you found a solution. Just to note for ultra low charge injection you could also look at our ADG1208 family. The ADG1236 and ADG1219 are SPDT switches.



  • ADG1636 Large Signal Voltage Tracking & Idd

    I want data about ADG1636.
    Isn't there following data?

    "Large Signal Voltage Tracking vs. Frequency" like ADG5436F.

    "IDD vs. Logic Level" like ADG1219.

    I would appreciate if you could give me some data.

    Best regards,

  • RE: charge injection and clock feedthrough in analog switches

    Hi Supriyo,

    If you're going for a minimum value of charge injection, you may use ADG1219. It is a low capacitance, low charge injection iCMOS SPDT. For error tolerance, you will need to use atleast 2nF with a 0.1pC. However, as the load capacitance…

  • RE: Analog Switch Suggestion

    Hi Hugh,

    We normally try to keep the number of no connect pins to a minimal so we do not have anything like you describe.

    I am interested in what leakage levels you are targeting. The ADG1219 has a max leakage spec of 1 nA.

    What leakage levels are…

  • RE: We are observing very high negative glitch of 100ns width while using ADG1419


    Apologies for the delay in replying.

    From the new plot you provided it looks more like a charge injection issue. Do you have any capacitance on your load? The Vout glitch is a function of the charge injection of the switch and the load capacitance…