• Lekage in ADG1211

    Hi I am using the ADG1211 is my application board simulation ( downloaded the spice model for AD website). When the switch is off that time I am seeing 500nA of leakage but the data sheet says that it is few pA. Can anybody help me about this.

  • RE: Spice model for ADG1611 (quad SPST) ?


    Unfortunately we do not have a spice model available for the ADG1611 at this time.

    What supplies are you using for the ADG1611 model?If the ADG1211 model is simulated with a dual 5V supply the model will not function properly. The ADG1211 is optimized…

  • RE: Spice model for ADG1207

    Hi jebaspaul,

    Unfortunately ADI does not currently have a SPICE model for the ADG1207. We do provide a model for the ADG1211. This model can be configured to be representative of the ADG1207. The model can be found at the link below.


  • RE: Multiplexer pspice model

    And the ADG1211 has the definition of LOWONSWITCH, while I still didn't find the prototype of HIGHONSWITCH subcircuit.

  • Question about ADG1211

    Hi All,

    Can  I use 15V/0V for INx pins (Logic Control Input pins) under VDD=15V and VSS=-15V conditions?

    Also, ADG411 and ADG1411 can be used same conditions?

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  • RE: Power-up/down Sequence Timing in Digital Potentiometers and Analog Switches

    Actually AD5260 and ADG1414 do have a VL input.

    Besides, if I read the datasheets correctly, the ESD protection diodes could be forward biased if I supply any voltage higher than the conduction value of such diodes in the wrong order.

    Also, even if…

  • RE: ADL5519

    If you have not checked out the AD8034 (FastFET Op Amp) datasheet, then it may help out some more.  It has a high-speed peak detector circuit on page 19 which is close to what you may need (see link below).

    You may also want to check out the one of our…

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