• Lekage in ADG1211

    Hi I am using the ADG1211 is my application board simulation ( downloaded the spice model for AD website). When the switch is off that time I am seeing 500nA of leakage but the data sheet says that it is few pA. Can anybody help me about this.

  • Question about ADG1211

    Hi All,

    Can  I use 15V/0V for INx pins (Logic Control Input pins) under VDD=15V and VSS=-15V conditions?

    Also, ADG411 and ADG1411 can be used same conditions?

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  • Very Low-Capacitance LF Switches


    Our design uses electronic keys for switching very weak and relatively low frequency currents. And it is very important that its capacitance Coff (source/drain; RFx/ RFC) would be 0,1...0,2 pF, range begin with 0 Hz (DC)… to a few kHz, and it would…

  • RE: CN0359 4 Wire Conductivity Help

    Hi Ntroise,

    Sorry for the late response.

    The track-hold setup time is the time interval before the input voltage is sampled for each tracking cycle in the PWM signals driving the ADG1211 switches. The track-hold hold time the time interval after sampling…

  • Lowest Noise and Drift

    The power solution in this interactive document offers a detailed summary of the power supply design for each scenario in the Lowest Noise and Drift signal chain option.

    The document includes the power requirements, the block diagram and power tree, and…

  • RE: Multiplexer pspice model

    And the ADG1211 has the definition of LOWONSWITCH, while I still didn't find the prototype of HIGHONSWITCH subcircuit.

  • RE: Spice model for ADG1207

    Hi jebaspaul,

    Unfortunately ADI does not currently have a SPICE model for the ADG1207. We do provide a model for the ADG1211. This model can be configured to be representative of the ADG1207. The model can be found at the link below.


  • Power-up/down Sequence Timing in Digital Potentiometers and Analog Switches


    I'm working on a project that includes dozens of the following devices: AD5260, AD5290, ADG1211, ADG1212, ADG1414.

    I understand from their respective datasheets that voltage rails should be powered in a specific order: GND, Vdd/Vss, digital…

  • RE: Spice model for ADG1611 (quad SPST) ?


    Unfortunately we do not have a spice model available for the ADG1611 at this time.

    What supplies are you using for the ADG1611 model?If the ADG1211 model is simulated with a dual 5V supply the model will not function properly. The ADG1211 is optimized…

  • CN0359方案中多个芯片容易被烧毁!