• Unused pins on ADG1204


    I am going to use the ADG1204 in my design, but one of the channels (S4) is not to be used. I am planning to terminate it to ground to avoid noise.

    Should I do that? Or Will it be ok if I left it open?

    Thank you for your time.

  • ADG1204: Optimal impedance level

    I am using the multiplexer ADG1204 (LFCSP_VQ package)for low frequency
    applications and long switching time, where VDD is 8V and VSS is -5V. Please
    let me know:
    1. What is the optimal impedance level for source and load to apply?
  • ADG1204 VCC supply range


    I am looking for 4:1 switch which is required for switching input signal over 4 channels.

    The input signal has 10ns of rise time and 20ns pulse duration with duty cycle of 1%. 

    We want to use this input signal for further pulse processing and hence…

  • [ADG1204] Over voltage question

    Hi Sir ,

    If the input voltage is over voltage and what is the output status?

    I think the internal diode is turn on and output will present to 0.2~0.7 V (Vd) is right?

  • ADG1204: Connecting the exposed paddle to Vss

    Is there any importance in connecting the exposed paddle to VSS?


    The paddle is internally connected to Vss so it is not necessary to make
    another connection. If large currents are flowing in the switch you may wish to
    make thermal contact…
  • ADG1204: What is the optimal impedance level for source and load to apply?

    What is the optimal impedance level for source and load to apply?


    The ADG1204 is optimised for low capacitance and charge injection and therefore
    has a relatively high ON-resistance - with your 13 V total supply this is
    typically 250…
  • FIT reliablity data

    Can you provide the FIT value of ADG1204?


    The ADG1204 is wafer fabed on 0.6um CMOS processes, you can refer to the link
    to the following link to get the data:
  • RE: Capacitance Cds(on)

    Hi Ronny,

    It sounds like you really need a low capacitance switch.  If you are using 1MOhm do you really need to use low Ron switches like the ADG14xx family?  If not I would suggest you look at the ADG1204 and ADG1236 switches which have much lower capacitance…

  • RE: ADG products evaluation

    Hi Razavi,

    ADG904 is SP4T switch and ADG918 is SPDT switch. They both has leakage of 0.1uA but you are looking for nA leakage so I think your requirement has ruled out both of these switches.

    You can try ADG1204, its 4:1. it has sub nA leakage typical…

  • It's all about settling time


    My idea is having forward settling time less than ADC conversion time.

    AD7982 conversion time is 710ns;

    To get 18 bit accuracy, ADG1204 transition time plus settling time < 400ns, AD8475 specified the 16 bit settling time 50ns, I guess the…