• ADF7242 Source file

    The adf7242 Linux driver loads a firmware bin file into adf7242 device. Where can we get source file for it and tools to convert it to bin format?

  • ADF7242 output power


    The ADF7242 datasheet mentions that 3dBm output is present in IEEE 802.15.4-2006 mode, when operating under nominal mode.

    Why does it indicate in figure 50 of the adf7242 datasheet, that the output maximum is approx. -6dBm, even when the device is…

  • ADF7242 Operation

    1. What does the firmware do when RC_CSMACA command is given to it?
    2. Does the firmware pass the 11 byte ack-frames to the Linux driver? Can we get it with RX_PKT_RCVD interrupt on Linux driver?
    3. Is there a way to check…
  • ADF7242 - Retry Mechanism



    I have the following query:


    We have 2 ADF7242 Eval Boards with input and output connected via SMA Cables using proper attenuators.

    While the two boards are communicating with each other, we suspect that the retries are not happening when there…

  • ADF7242 questions

    1. What is the total link latency (Tx Serial input to Rx serial output) at 200kbps and 1Mbps.
    2. How many simultaneous mono microphone channels can the ADF7242 support in one network at 200kbps and 1Mbps?
  • ADF7242 Payload

    We are looking for an RF transceiver to be used for data streaming.

    The ADF7242 seems to have a 128 byte limitation to the packet size.

    Anybody knows how much data can we send on the same channel during an 8 mS window?

    (If we could send a large pachet…

  • ADF7242 No signal CW


    We develop a project used ADF7242 and ST MCU.

    But we test CW, it have not any signal.

    void adf7242_init(unsigned char rfrate,unsigned char Channel,unsigned char rfPower)
    static unsigned char value =0xff;




  • RE: ADF7242 CW no signal

    Hi Kanta,

    Since you're using your own custom board, the issue could come from the board itself, or from the device configuration. For the device configuration, please refer to page 66 to page 68 of the datasheet of the ADF7242. Sample configurations are…

  • ADF7242 No RF signal

    Good morning everyone!

    I designed a PCB according to the offical schematic(SCHEMATIC);

    Now , the register in ADF7242 can be read and written and the state of ADF7242 is ok from the SPI.

    When it  was running with working codes(load data and RC_TX ), it…