• ADF7242 : Channel power


    Help needed on with the following:

    1) Is the 4.8dBm transmitter output power in IEEE 802.15.4-2006 mode is the total channel power or is it the peak power at center frequency?

    What's the bandwidth and RBW if its channel power measurement? 

  • ADF7242

    A customer is very interested int he ADF7242 (this is a potential design win), however he has asked the following questions:

    1) On page 30 of the datasheet, Figure 46 shows the Minimum and Maximum RSSI Error for 1000 packets vs RF input power levels…

  • ADF7242


  • adf7242 driver

    The adf7242 Linux driver loads a firmware bin file into adf7242 device. Where can we get source file for it and tools to convert it to bin format?

  • ADF7242

    I am using ADF7242 for tranreceiving application. I have interfaced ADF7242 daughter board to one microcontroller. I am able to make communication with ADF7242 over SPI as i tried to read default values of some registers and i got correct values. Now…

  • ADF7242


    I would like to use the adf7242 for a sensor application.

    my task is to transmit 16bit sensor data every 100us without buffering the data

    is this possible with adf7242 (for example in sport mode..)


  • ADF7242 Operation

    This is regarding the ADF7242:
    1. What does the firmware do when RC_CSMACA command is given to it?
    2. Does the firmware pass the 11 byte ack-frames to the Linux driver? Can we get it with RX_PKT_RCVD interrupt on Linux driver…
  • ADF7242 Driver

    I am trying to interface the ADF7242 with a Raspberry Pi. I attempted to recompile the kernel on the Raspberry Pi with the drivers for the 7242, and had some problems. Following this, I attempted to download the entire kernel available on the AD github…

  • ADF7242 Data Rates


    I would like to know what is the recommended ADF7242 device configuration & mode transition delays to be set for ensuring maximum data rates. What is the maximum data rate expected under this configuration for a PER of 1%?

  • ADF7242 abnormal status

    Dear Sir:

    ADF7242  SPI status word became 0xA0 or 0xFF, some reserved status,and write RC_RESET command can't make the status right. How make it  in right status ?




    I hope to hear from you soon!!!

    Thank you very much!