• ADF7242 : Channel power


    Help needed on with the following:

    1) Is the 4.8dBm transmitter output power in IEEE 802.15.4-2006 mode is the total channel power or is it the peak power at center frequency?

    What's the bandwidth and RBW if its channel power measurement? 

  • ADF7242 No signal CW


    We develop a project used ADF7242 and ST MCU.

    But we test CW, it have not any signal.

    void adf7242_init(unsigned char rfrate,unsigned char Channel,unsigned char rfPower)
    static unsigned char value =0xff;




  • RE: ADF7242 CW no signal

    Hi Kanta,

    Since you're using your own custom board, the issue could come from the board itself, or from the device configuration. For the device configuration, please refer to page 66 to page 68 of the datasheet of the ADF7242. Sample configurations are…

  • ADF7242 takes about 5ms to TX 128 bytes

    The following registers are configured:

    0x107 buffercfg              0x01

    0x3AA extpa_msc[7:4]   0xF

    0x3C8 irq1_en1             0x08

    All other registers keep default, so the data rate should be (256*78 + 32)*100 bps = 2M

    And the packet mode is IEEE 802.15.4-2006.


  • adf7242 ping test Q&A


    I am trying to ping test on raspberry pi 3 b plus,  as detailed here. I am able to configure the linux kernel for adf7242, modify the .dts file appropriately.

    • kernel : 4.19.86-v7+
    • dts : bcm2710-rpi-3-b-plus.dts

    Below is connected between raspberry…

  • ADF7242 , Gap time RX_MAC_DELAY + CALtime '664us' making throughput VERY worse.


    My app is one way data streaming in low latency expected.
    (TX only on the TX side and RX only on the RX side)

    I think you need to RX_ON periodically to keep the system stable.
    Currently, I issue RX_ON on every frame.
    In my application, the RX start…

  • EVB no response after firmware updating(EVAL_ADF70xxMBz3+ADF724xDB1Z)(ADF7242)

    When the firmware was EVAL_ADF70xxMBz3_Rev2.0.2.0, it was all fine.

    But after updating the firmware to EVAL_ADF70xxMBz3_Rev2.0.2.7, the EVB stopped response to PC.

    So please, is there anyone have the file ADF70xxMBz3_Rev2.0.2.0.hex. 

    Thank you.


  • Question about ADF7242


    I'm DFAE in Japan. I received a couple of questions about ADF7242 from my customer. The customer uses GFSK SPORT mode and data rate is 2Mbps.

    1) Should we use 500ns for I/F clock(tsym) in this case?

    2) Should we send the serial data of I/F by…

  • ADF7242 : How long size can I use for payload in GFSK/FSK MODE ?


    In the datasheet [Table 23], the length of the payload data is stated as [0-127 bytes].

    However, in the other [Figure 77], n=1 to 254 is described as FRAME PAYLOAD SIZE.

    Which is correct?

    What sizes can be used for payloads in GFSK/FSK mode?

    (Not in…