• ADF7030-1 and ADF7030


    We are developing the product using ADF7030-1, but we have a delivery problem.

    So we are considering to use ADF7030 instead of ADF7030-1.

    We have some questions..

    1. Is it possible to use ADF7030 instead of ADF7030-1?

    2. If it is possible, how can…

  • ADF7030-1 SPI


    Can we obtain some offline support for programming the ADF7030-1 device through its SPI ?

    Kind regards

  • ADF7030-1 freqency range

    Can the ADF7030-1 be used in the range 135 to 175MHz ? or is it restricred to the very narroe 169MHz ISM band ?

  • ADF7030-1 Max packet size


    I am using the ADF7030-1 EZ-Kit. My application requires that the packet size be part of the generic packet. When I limit the maximum packet size to 128 bytes things work well.

    I am now trying to increase  the packet size to 256 bytes. From the SW…

  • ADF7030-1 freqency range

    Please confirm whether the device ADF7030-1 be able to operate from 169MHz to 960MHz full range or is it only operate as per ranges in the datasheet due to VCO/Divider limitation?

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  • Question for ADF7030-1 and ADF7030

    Hi All,

    This is SK Lee of AWC in Korea.(in charge of DFAE)

    I have some questions for two parts below.

     “ADF7030-1BCPZN"  and  "ADF7030BCPZN


    My customer already completed her product using ADF7030-1BCPZN. But customer…

  • Register information for ADF7030-1

    I wonder if I can get the ADF7030-1 Software reference manual with the detailed register information.
    I download the UG-1002 as the ADF7030-1 software reference manual, however the register information seems not complete.
  • from ADF7023 to ADF7030-1 ????

    i have a project AD6LoWPAN that use ADuCM3029 + ADF7023 transceiver and i need to migrate to ADF7030-1 transceiver.

    is there any lite solution for this case?? 

    thanks a lot. i will appreciate any clear indication. 

  • ADF7030-1 H/W Design

    Dear All:

    I need ADF7030-1 daughter boards (EV-ADF70301-915AZ ,EV-ADF70301-868BZ, EV-ADF70301-433AZ, or EV-ADF70301-169BZ) Schematic .PCB layout file(Allegro or PADS) .gerber & final BOM to design my system. can you provide these original design files…

  • ADF7030-1 SPI driver for BF609



    I’m working on ADF7030-1 project and I’m trying to build SPI driver of this transceiver for BF609. I have found  “ADF7030-1_Design_Package” on your website that contains drivers only  for ADuCM3029.

    So my questions are:

    1. Do you provide an…