• firmware download module AD_15d4 for ADF7023

    In AN-1339, the firmware download module is for ADF7023-j.

    Can I use AD_15d4 for ADF7023?

  • ADF7023-J


    I would like to know if it’s possible to use two ADF7023-J on two different PCB to track each other. I would have a "TX" board and a "RX" board. I want to trace the "TX" board without moving the "RX" board around (if possible…

  • RE: How to control ATB1/ATB2 signals for ADF7023 External PA

    In the ADF7023-J Datasheet,

    It does have additional description in 0x11A as shown in below.

    Don't I need to write 0x11A[1:0]?

    Is it different from each other(ADF7023 vs ADF7023-J)?

  • ADF7023-J RF transceiver sport mode

    Hi all,

    what is sport mode control in ADF7023-J chipset?

    I want to interface ADF7023-J with Cypress PSOC5 controller.

    My project demands a Half Duplex RF modem with Frequency Hopping.

    Is ADF7023-J able to do it at 57.6Kbps datarate?





    My customer started the experiment focusing on ADF7023-J.
    For now they are checking the specifications of the data sheet in order.
    ADI 's site introduces a wonderful module to extend the capabilities of the device.
    Is there a rudimentary sample program…

  • Software drivers for ADF7023-J

    I have a design using the ADF7023-J xceiver and was trying to pull in software to initialize & configure it with my Atmel micro. I downloaded the adf7023.c and adf7023.h files which appear to have the required functions but they reference include.h which…



    About power supply VDDBAT1/VDDBAT2 of ADF7023-J,
    is it possible to supply power to VDDBAT1/VDDBAT2 from different sources.
    For example,
    VDDBAT1 is supplied from a 2.2V source.
    VDDBAT2 is supplied from a 3.3V source.

    We would assume that VDDBAT1/VDDBAT2…

  • RE: How to bring up Raspberry Pi with ADF7203J device?

    Hi Rajesh,

    Is it correct to assume that you're referring to the ADF7023-J device and not ADF7203J?

    Please refer to the data sheet of the ADF7023-J to learn how to interface to the ADF7023-J via SPI.


  • RE: Changing BT value GMSK ADF7023

    The BT of the Gaussian filter is a fixed value of 0.5 for the ADF7023 and ADF7023-J.

    The ADF7023 is resilient to reduced mod indexes however so if you are trying to fit a particular data rate into a narrower channel reducing the deviation may help you…

  • ADF7023 EVB PCB files

    Hi Sir,

    We are going to design a sub-g transceiver by ADF7023 , We would like have a reference with EVB and file the geber file from below , but could you help to provide PCB layout (ex: allergo or power pcb) to us?