• ADF7023

    some firm waremodules available for ADF7023 in ftp site. (15d4g, IRacl_dragon_filter, RS_AES..)

    How can I load two of them( 15d4g and RS_AES)  into PRAM and use them?

    I use 15d4gonly now.

  • ADF7023 Transceiver Problems

    Hi !

    Here is some ADF7023 issues . please check if they should be added in errata .

    1) Manchester coding and decoding in ADF7023 is implemented complementary . You can encode some bytes according to manchester rule (described in datasheet or Wiki) and…

  • ADF7023 firmware update

    Hi Sir ,

    How to update the firmware of ADF7023?

    Could you provide the file and tell me how to do ,tks!

  • ADF7023 DSSS function

    Hi Sir ,

    Does ADF7023 has the DSSS function?

    Because 802.15.4g has this function for application but I didn't see this function.

    So could you please help me to confirm again.

    BTW, ADF7242 has DSSS and suit for 802.15.4g standard!

    Thank you!

  • adf7023 load stability

    Anybody notice any instabilities in the adf7023 eval boards?  I noticed power jumping around with a saw bandpass filter attached, 433.98 MHz.  I thought the SAW might be intermitent, but in playing around with the unit I notice there are random <1 MHz sidetones…

  • ADF7023-J


    I would like to know if it’s possible to use two ADF7023-J on two different PCB to track each other. I would have a "TX" board and a "RX" board. I want to trace the "TX" board without moving the "RX" board around (if possible…

  • ADF7023 EVB PCB files

    Hi Sir,

    We are going to design a sub-g transceiver by ADF7023 , We would like have a reference with EVB and file the geber file from below , but could you help to provide PCB layout (ex: allergo or power pcb) to us?


  • 关于ADF7023


  • About ADF7023

    Master for the EVAL-ADF7XXXDB4Z, evaluation board for the ADF7023BCPZ, the computer has been installed official website to provide the evaluation board software, but the nest board connected to the computer and can not drive, would like to ask how to…