• ADF7023 test problem

    Who can provide the parameters(Calibration Value and Tcalibration) of temperature formula as below picture:

    And running the ADF7023 in sport mode, some codes will turn from 1 to 0 or 0 to1, If there is anyone meet this condition?

  • Adf7023 rate problem

    Hello .I would like to ask about the 300K rate configuration of ADF7023. I have already configured the rate of 100K before, but failed to configure the rate of 300K all the time. Therefore, I would like to ask, what are the requirements and matters needing…

  • adf7023射频芯片速率


  • ADF7023 question about the AGC function

    I am now using ADF7023, when I set the AGC operation mode in "0" for ACG  free running mode, the AGC gain mode is the 6 with all-low mode.

    It looks like when setting the AGC operation in mode 0, the AGC is not work; But when setting the AGC operation…

  • ADF7023

    some firm waremodules available for ADF7023 in ftp site. (15d4g, IRacl_dragon_filter, RS_AES..)

    How can I load two of them( 15d4g and RS_AES)  into PRAM and use them?

    I use 15d4gonly now.

  • ADF7023-J initial code


    Could ADI provie the initial code of ADF7023-J?

    We want to use ADF7023-J and we will be appropriate if there is some initial code. We don't want to begin from nothing.


  • Crystal Oscillator for ADF7023-J


    I have a question about ADF7023-J.

    Are there any specifications regarding the voltage level required for the crystal oscillator used in the ADF7023-J?

    Best regards,

  • firmware download module AD_15d4 for ADF7023

    In AN-1339, the firmware download module is for ADF7023-j.

    Can I use AD_15d4 for ADF7023?

  • ADF7023 cann't received packet


    I am used ADF7023 chip.

    But   I can't received the packet.I used packet mode.We used a module to  send packets by RF, and I test the anthor module's gp3 by oscilloscope, it is always logic high.

    I used the spectrum,I can see the module can send…