• ADF7023 PA/LNA match

    Hello everyone, 

    I started studying ADF7023 for university's project. I ran into a problem: on Figure 113 show combined Single-Ended PA and LNA match,but there is no link anywhere, how to calculate capacitors and inductors. I've tried searching, but without…

  • Gain Mode Correction for 2FSK/GFSK/MSK/GMSK RSSI for ADF7023

    The value of Gain_correction for RSSI in the Table 34 didn't show the whole condition, and it also seems like the AGC_GAIN_STATUS is not linear with the value of gain_correction.

    So I'd like to ask if anyone can provide the complete table

  • RE: ADF7023 test problem


    Apologies for the delayed response.

    For those parameters, you would need to measure the actual temperature then get an ADC readback at that temperature. Tcalibration would be that known (measured) temperature, and Calibration Value[7:0] would be the…

  • RE: Adf7023 rate problem


    For 300 kbps, I would suggest increasing the preamble to at least 24 bits (AFC Off, AGC Lock on Sync Word) or 64 bits (AFC On, AFC and AGC Lock on Preamble Detection).
    I would also suggesting using the configurations on the datasheet:
    Frequency deviation…

  • RE: ADF7023 question about the AGC function


    Sorry for the late reply.

    How do you monitor the value of this mode? 

    Have you tried looking at the value of register 0x360?

    If the AGC_LOCK_MODE = 1, the value 0x35D[4:0] should be equal to the value of 0x360[4:0]. However, when AGC_LOCK_MODE…

  • adf7023射频芯片速率


  • ADF7023

    some firm waremodules available for ADF7023 in ftp site. (15d4g, IRacl_dragon_filter, RS_AES..)

    How can I load two of them( 15d4g and RS_AES)  into PRAM and use them?

    I use 15d4gonly now.

  • ADF7023-J initial code


    Could ADI provie the initial code of ADF7023-J?

    We want to use ADF7023-J and we will be appropriate if there is some initial code. We don't want to begin from nothing.


  • Crystal Oscillator for ADF7023-J


    I have a question about ADF7023-J.

    Are there any specifications regarding the voltage level required for the crystal oscillator used in the ADF7023-J?

    Best regards,