• ADF7021-N  CLKOUT frequency


    I am working with the ISM transceiver ADF7021-N and I´d need to know the value of the frequency , by default, of the CLKOUT signal from the SPI interface.

    I can not find it on the datasheet,

    Thank you very much,


  • ADF7021-N C4FM mode documentation

    The ADF7021-N allows a C4FM TX mode using a Root Raised filter, but the
    corresponding mode for RX has a placeholder (Reserved) in the Register 4

    Surely this has been implemented and is only missing documentation?

  • EVAL-ADF70xxMBZ2 and ADF7021-N   -  MAC_TX_ERROR

    Two EVAL ADF70xxMBZ2 boards with ADF7021-N daughter boards, set up per the Quick Start Guide instructions, one as Base Station the other as End Point In trying to perform a transmit test using the suggested serial# transmit demo we are getting an error…

  • ADF7021 vs ADF7021-N register differences


    Beyond the Register 1 changes required based on the output frequency, are there any other register differences between the ADF7021 and ADF7021-N?  I am trying to use the same register settings to support both the ADF7021 and ADF7021-N parts.  Is…

  • ADF7021-N AFC calculation error and GMSK with UART

    In the eval board software for the ADF7021-N, the calculation for AFC seems to not allow the user to specify a XTAL frequency other than the default value (In my case, 12MHz). THis give an error in the calculated AFC.

    It seems to work ok for the Non…

  • ADF7021-N and ADF7021-V IF bandwidth

    Hi All,

    One of my customer is investigating a 351MHz and 467MHz digital wireless radio with 4-FSK modulation.

    For this purpose, he is interesting ADF7021-N and ADF7021-V transceiver.

    The frequency range and modulation mode of these transceiver are…

  • Problem with AGC on ADF7021-N


    I am facing a strange issue with AGC on the ADF7021-N chip.

    I am using an external oscillator at 14,7456 MHz, listening to a transmitter sending analog audio at 324,0875 MHz and my register settings looks like this:

    reg0: 0x095f8c80

    reg1: …

  • adf7021-N

    which is the best protocol to interface adf7021-N with a microcontroller and why

  • adf7021-N


    can u suggest me from where i can get adf7021-N hil software codes for the working of adftransceiver

  • adf7021-N

    is there a buffer inside a adf7021-N for sending data it received from transmitter to a micro controller if then what is its size