• ADF7021-N


    I have a question ADF7021-N.

    * Please tell the renewal cycle of RSSI.

     (For exsample : renewed by the XX clock cycle.)
    * Does SLE state of High , renew RSSI value?

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  • adf7021-N

    my name is harsha ;communications subsystem team member of parikshit student satellite team ;manipal. i have gone through your feedback .these are the errors what i'm going through .so could you kindly go through the report and give us a valuable feedback…

  • adf7021-N

    is there a buffer inside a adf7021-N for sending data it received from transmitter to a micro controller if then what is its size  

  • adf7021-N

    which is the best protocol to interface adf7021-N with a microcontroller and why

  • adf7021-N

    hi everyone;

    my name is harsha ;i wanted to program adf7021-N eval board with msp430F5438A experimental board . the interface part is the problem the header jacks are not identical so can anyone suggest me how to connect them reliable what the way and…

  • adf7021-N


    can u suggest me from where i can get adf7021-N hil software codes for the working of adftransceiver

  • adf7021-N

    what exactly are the output pins mix_i and mix_q and  fil i and fil q for?

    image rejection how do i know the signal i'm getting is lower one or higher one with respect to reference signal

  • ADF7021-N and ADF7021-V IF bandwidth

    Hi All,

    One of my customer is investigating a 351MHz and 467MHz digital wireless radio with 4-FSK modulation.

    For this purpose, he is interesting ADF7021-N and ADF7021-V transceiver.

    The frequency range and modulation mode of these transceiver are…

  • adf7021

    which package is better for a space application adf7021 and adf7021-v,adf7021-n and what should be the crystal frequency of adf7021 at 145MHz.

    even though design studio is very user friendly software are there any tutorials for learning it?

  • ADF7021 vs ADF7021-N register differences


    Beyond the Register 1 changes required based on the output frequency, are there any other register differences between the ADF7021 and ADF7021-N?  I am trying to use the same register settings to support both the ADF7021 and ADF7021-N parts.  Is…