• RE: ADF7021 application components


    Component values would depend on the impedances of the PCB. Impedance matching techniques are done and simulation tools are often used to help in arriving at the component values.



  • Interfacing ADF7021 with MCU

    Hello all,

    I am developing software to configure the registers on the transceiver through a stm8 MCU.

    I currently have the EVAL-ADF7021DBx mounted on the EVAL-ADF70xxMBZ2, and have a null-modem cable connecting the UART-to-MCU port to the UART1 port on…

  • ADF7021 Tx/Rx SPI details


    I am currently working on a university project and I need to interface an STM32 microcontroller via SPI with ADF7021 RF-transceiver. I am reading a datasheet for ADF
    and I have trouble understanding some details regarding Tx/Rx and SPI.


  • RE: ADF7021 RFout Voltage

    Hi Mike,

    The supply range of the ADF7021 Vdd pins is 2.3V to 3.6V so they may use 3.3V. The recommendation is to use Vdd on RFout. Take note that using higher voltage on RFout wouldn't necessarily increase further the transmitted power.



  • ADF7021 SPI communication Error

    Hello Team analog

    i was working with adf7021dbx from couple of weeks i was having issue in setting up com with SPI to microcontroller

    i could able to establish serial interface successfully and checked following

    1.MUX OUT digital lock detect  was high

  • ADF7021 80MHZ

    how to design LC tank for adf7021 freq 80mhz ???

  • ADF7021 for DBPSK demodulation

    We are studying the option to use ADF7021 for (D)BPSK demodulation for an upgrade of a customer design. The current design use discrete RF front-end and demodulation, by the mean of tuner, AGC and fast MCU to demodulate (D)BPSK in the 868M band…

  • ADF7021 Transmit Signal Problem


    I have a problem in transmission using ADF7021 modules, I use EVAL-ADF7021DBJZ boards.

    I set up the transceiver with 2FSK RC Modulation, 24kbps data rate, 450Mhz channel frequency, 6KHz frequency deviation, etc.

    Here is my detailed register configuration…

  • ADF7021

    I want to build a bidirectional wireless communication system with an operating frequency of SUB-100MHz. The system requirements are relatively small. NOW, Can I use ADF7021 to complete my request?

    I see that its minimum operating frequency is 80MHZ…

  • ADF7021 SWD Signal Problem


    I have a problem how to handle received data in ADF7021 correctly.

    I use 2 pair of EVAL-ADF7021DBJZ and EVAL-ADF70XXMBZ2 boards, ADF7021 Evaluation software, and STM32 microcontroller to receive the data.

    Data Mode is set to SPI Mode and STM32 is…