• adf7021

    which package is better for a space application adf7021 and adf7021-v,adf7021-n and what should be the crystal frequency of adf7021 at 145MHz.

    even though design studio is very user friendly software are there any tutorials for learning it?

  • ADF7025、ADF7021的FIFO参数


  • ADF7021 vs ADF7021-N register differences


    Beyond the Register 1 changes required based on the output frequency, are there any other register differences between the ADF7021 and ADF7021-N?  I am trying to use the same register settings to support both the ADF7021 and ADF7021-N parts.  Is…

  • RE: Can the ADF7025 support  full duplex operation?

    This note regarding full-duplex operation on the ADF7025 is also valid for the ADF7020, ADF7020-1, ADF7021, ADF7021-N, and the newest ADF7023.

  • EVAL-ADF7021-NDB9Z

    Hi , I need schematic and component list of EVAL-ADF7021-NDB9Z this evolution board is ADF7021-N transceiver work 169Mhz.

  • about adf7021  SYNC in dmr system


    adf7021 used  in DMR system?

    I would like to receive adf7021 dmr 4fsk, frame synchronization DMR protocol data center, how to handle synchronization problems?



  • ADF7021 series transceivers

    Having to design a new family of narrow-band, VHF and UHF transceivers based on the ADF7021 series of chips, I would be very grateful if i could get some info about:

    a) The fundamental differences between the ADF7021 and the ADF7021-N, both with built…

  • ADF7021-N and ADF7021-V IF bandwidth

    Hi All,

    One of my customer is investigating a 351MHz and 467MHz digital wireless radio with 4-FSK modulation.

    For this purpose, he is interesting ADF7021-N and ADF7021-V transceiver.

    The frequency range and modulation mode of these transceiver are…

  • RE: about ADF 7021N LNA Request for comment thanks

    thanks,and How to use address bit in register R0-R15 of ADF7021?

  • RE: Can I apply power to ADF7021-N Rx side only?

    This is not possible with the ADF7021. All Vdd lines must be tied together.