• ADF7020 Register Configuration

    The chip I use is the ADF7020, which can communicate at 915Mhz. now I want to switch to 460Mhz by setting the vco_band of R1 to 1, and the other configuration remains the same, but it fails.In addition to the hardware adjustments, is there any problem with…

  • ADF7020 Eval Board Pinout

    Hello there,

    I've bought the EVAL-ADF7020DBZ3 daughter board not knowing that there's a dev kit board that can be bought separately. Unfortunately, I don't have the finances to purchase that board/kit.

    Is it possible to attempt interfacing with…

  • Clarification on interfacing ADF7020


    I am using ADF7020 (daughter board with 11.0592MHz XTAL) to design a RF UHF reader which reads the data in the RFID tag (passive), as the tag comes within the range. I use dsPIC33fj256gp710 for interfacing with ADF7020. I will have to show the…

  • Issue with ADF7020-1

    We are able to configure the module as transmitter and receiver. The problem we are facing is that SYNC word detection by the ADF7020-1 module according to the data sheet is not happening.

    Our configuration ADF7020-1[TX] --------> ADF7020-1 [RX].

  • Issue about ADF7020-1


    I'm jeongtae kim from south korea.

    I have a issue which use the ADF7020-X Config SW.

    I want to observe the RSSI value in EVAL-ADF7020-1DBZ5 board with EVAL-ADF70xxMBZ2 board.


    In order to use that i open the Manual Register Edit and write the register…

  • TCXO with ADF7020-1

    I have noticed that the ADF7021 transceiver has an option for a 0.8Vpp TCXO reference via pin OSC1, and the ADF7020-1 does not state that option in its datasheet. Is that the case, or is it possible in the same manner?

    Thank you, Kosta

  • ADF7020 communication distance issue

    chip is ADF7020, operation frequency is 470MHz, transmit power is 1W, receive sensitivity is -108dBm, but communication distance is only 300-400m, selected Antenna is 470MHz., pls help analyze, in addition, if sensitivity is okay, if still need match…

  • ADF7020 - demodulation on adjacent in 433Band


    We have done some product based on ADF7020 on 860MHz Band and we have any difficulties with those.

    With the same hardware (except matching and this kind of thing) we have done a 433MHz band product. With this one with a modulatuion FSK 14.1kHz…

  • ADF7020-1 manual register edit

    I use ADF7020-1 EVAL and want edit register.

    I tried to change the register in the manual register edit. but didn't change.

    How can i edit the register? 

    please some  advice.

  • ADF7020-1的接收问题