• In ADF7020-1, why interrupt is fired even Master is off?  Is ADF7020-1 check for valid sync byte for generation of interrupt?

    Why ADF7020-1  generate interrupt even respective Master is off?

    What is the possible cases for generation of interrupt by ADF7020-1?

    Is it check for valid interrupt or not before generation of interrupt?

  • ADF7020

    A customer asked the folowing question:

    On page 21 of the ADF7020 Rev B datasheet, there is a formula for the AGC_Wait_Time.  Is there a mistake in this formula and is there an errata sheet with corrections to the datasheet?

    The equation is:

  • ADF7020 application

    hello everybody:
    Can i use ADF7020 achieve image function 

    Input: different amplitude level square wave transform  ouput    different Sine wave  
    if input 3V 5V 12V 7V square wave  and output transform 3V 5V 12V 7V Sine wave

    thank you for help

  • ADF7020 Software Reference Manual


            Does ADF7020 has software reference manual, just like UG-1002 for ADF7030-1. Or could you advice how to set the state of  interface such as RXCLK&RxDATA.

  • ADF7020 miss data,433MHz

    We used ADF7020 for TRx, and we used it to receive audio signal, it can work normal at 915MHz, but we missed some data at 433MHz, so we didn't know its reason why it can appear, do you have any ideas to explain it?



     I am new to the ADF7020 RF module. I am testing the board by checking to get the temparature sensor in the module.

    I write "0x000007F8" to the register 8 to set the ADC ENABLE bit then I write "0x00000167" to register 7 to readback the temparature…

  • ADF7020 Discriminator Bandwidth

    I'm looking for more info on the equation for setting the discriminator bandwidth.  I see the equation on page 22 of the data sheet, but I can't figure out the meaning.  Is the result of this equation an actual bandwidth or is it the setting in…

  • ADF7020-1 question

    I want to be able to offer two frequency ranges, one being ~600MHz and the other being ~900 MHz.  I'm wondering if I  can expand the range of the 7020-1 to get up to the 900MHz.  It looks like the -1 part was designed to hit the lower frequency ranges…

  • ADF7020-1

    1, the linear correlation demodulation and demodulation eliminates the need for a preamble length differences, have any impact on the rest of the parameters?
    2, encountered in the use of the following circumstances:
    TCXO - 19.2MHz, PFD = 9.6MHz

  • ADF7020-1

    Any way to get this guy to do GMSK modulation? Also, do we have any type of model for this part (matlab, ADS, etc?).