• RE: ADF7020 Eval Board Pinout

    Hi Highlander2475,

    Please download the ADF7020 Gerber Files, Schematic and BOM (LC Filter)

    which you can find at the evaluation kits section of product page of ADF7020,https://www.analog.com/en/products/adf7020.html#product-overview

    or at the documentations…

  • ADF7020

    A customer asked the folowing question:

    On page 21 of the ADF7020 Rev B datasheet, there is a formula for the AGC_Wait_Time.  Is there a mistake in this formula and is there an errata sheet with corrections to the datasheet?

    The equation is:

  • C

    Can ADF7020 support 433MHz data communication aplication?

    As we konwn , ADF7020-1 only supports 433MHz.

  • RE: Can the ADF7025 support  full duplex operation?

    This note regarding full-duplex operation on the ADF7025 is also valid for the ADF7020, ADF7020-1, ADF7021, ADF7021-N, and the newest ADF7023.

  • is re initialization of ADF7020-1 generates interrupt?

     In our application we are reinitializing ADF7020-1 configurations for every 10 sec.

    In our observation even respective master is OFF , Interrupt is generated by adf7020-1 for every 10sec.

    If Master is ON then interrupt is generated by ADF7020-1 in less…

  • 【请求加精】ADF7020+ATmega88V原理应用,SCH,PCB



    附件: ADF7020+ATmega88V原理应用,SCH,PCB

  • Clarification on interfacing ADF7020


    I am using ADF7020 (daughter board with 11.0592MHz XTAL) to design a RF UHF reader which reads the data in the RFID tag (passive), as the tag comes within the range. I use dsPIC33fj256gp710 for interfacing with ADF7020. I will have to show the…

  • In ADF7020-1, why interrupt is fired even Master is off?  Is ADF7020-1 check for valid sync byte for generation of interrupt?

    Why ADF7020-1  generate interrupt even respective Master is off?

    What is the possible cases for generation of interrupt by ADF7020-1?

    Is it check for valid interrupt or not before generation of interrupt?

  • Issue with ADF7020-1

    We are able to configure the module as transmitter and receiver. The problem we are facing is that SYNC word detection by the ADF7020-1 module according to the data sheet is not happening.

    Our configuration ADF7020-1[TX] --------> ADF7020-1 [RX].

  • I need help! ADF7020-1 is not in the ADI SRD Design Studio.

    Need help, in designing RF of module ADF7020-1 in a range of frequencies from 148 MHz to 172 MHz.  It is necessary to know face values of components for ADF7020-1 in this range.
    P.S. In base of the program ADI SRD Design Studio ADF7020-1 is absent…