• ADF5904 register 1 reserved field is changing

    Hello Dear, 

    I am writing driver for  ADF5904 and I noticed that there is something strange in the initialization sequence given in the datasheet.

    There is a reserved field in R1 and it is changing in step 7. Is it something wrong or is there any explanation…

  • ADF5904 - LO_IN power

    According to the ADF5904 datasheet, the required LO_in ranges -8 to 5 dBm. However, figure 9 shows a LO input power range going form -20 to 5, where for temperatures of +25C the gain remains constant and seems that at that temperature, the ADF5904 can…

  • Combining non-AD Tx with ADF5904

    We are designing a system that on the Rx side has the ADF5904 downconverters and on the Tx side it has a non-analog device chip that also provides the LO ramp. After reading through all the post related to the ADF5904 in this forum, I've seen that there…

  • RE: Output from ADF5904 & ADAR7251

    Hi, why would the distance be 3m? Apologies i don't understand where the 3m comes from.

  • Quadrature receiver implementation using ADF5904 & EV-RADAR-MMIC2

    I want to implement radar with quadrature receiver.

    So, I used hybrid coupler to made it based on EV-RADAR-MMIC2.

    However, there is no baseband signal from the receiver connected to the 90 degree port.
    Is it impossible to implement according to the internal…
  • RE: ADF5904 Output Swing

    regarding Figure 7 , how to interprete IF output power(dBm), what is the impedance to caculate power?50ohm differential or 900ohm differential

  • About the mixer in ADF5904

    Regarding the question about ADF5904, I mainly focus on the relationship between the frequencies of the LO and RF ends. I hope to use the 24Ghz LO input, and the RF end accepts 24Ghz unmodulated radar signals. The main problem is that if the Doppler benefit…

  • ADF5904 Output


    I would like to know a low noise driver that can be connected to ADF5904 output without loading the ADF5904 output stage.

    The driver output will be connected to ADC.

    The driver specs required are Gain >10dB, 3dB Bandwidth > 10MHz and the ADC will be…

  • ADF5904: PGA in RF path

    Hello everyone!

    Do I understand correctly, that the gain in the RF path ADF5904 can be controlled?

  • The dc offset of ADF5904

    When i use ADF5904 and ADF5901, I find that the dc offset of ADF5904 RX ports is 1.2v.

    So how can i eliminating this DC  voltage by configuration or connection?