• ADF5904 - LO_IN power

    According to the ADF5904 datasheet, the required LO_in ranges -8 to 5 dBm. However, figure 9 shows a LO input power range going form -20 to 5, where for temperatures of +25C the gain remains constant and seems that at that temperature, the ADF5904 can…

  • Combining non-AD Tx with ADF5904

    We are designing a system that on the Rx side has the ADF5904 downconverters and on the Tx side it has a non-analog device chip that also provides the LO ramp. After reading through all the post related to the ADF5904 in this forum, I've seen that there…

  • RE: Output from ADF5904 & ADAR7251

    Hi, why would the distance be 3m? Apologies i don't understand where the 3m comes from.

  • Quadrature receiver implementation using ADF5904 & EV-RADAR-MMIC2

    I want to implement radar with quadrature receiver.

    So, I used hybrid coupler to made it based on EV-RADAR-MMIC2.

    However, there is no baseband signal from the receiver connected to the 90 degree port.
    Is it impossible to implement according to the internal…
  • RE: ADF5904 Output Swing

    regarding Figure 7 , how to interprete IF output power(dBm), what is the impedance to caculate power?50ohm differential or 900ohm differential

  • About the mixer in ADF5904

    Regarding the question about ADF5904, I mainly focus on the relationship between the frequencies of the LO and RF ends. I hope to use the 24Ghz LO input, and the RF end accepts 24Ghz unmodulated radar signals. The main problem is that if the Doppler benefit…

  • ADF5904 Output


    I would like to know a low noise driver that can be connected to ADF5904 output without loading the ADF5904 output stage.

    The driver output will be connected to ADC.

    The driver specs required are Gain >10dB, 3dB Bandwidth > 10MHz and the ADC will be…

  • ADF5904: PGA in RF path

    Hello everyone!

    Do I understand correctly, that the gain in the RF path ADF5904 can be controlled?

  • The dc offset of ADF5904

    When i use ADF5904 and ADF5901, I find that the dc offset of ADF5904 RX ports is 1.2v.

    So how can i eliminating this DC  voltage by configuration or connection?


  • ADF5904 Eval Gerber Files


    I'm an engineer here at CEI, we are hoping if we can get the Gerber files for the ADF5904 eval board to confirm the land pattern of the chip.