• ADF5904 MMIC

    Hi, all

    I would like to get the exact RM value.

    - product : ADAR7251 & ADF5904

    - It is described in ADAR7251 datasheet.

    It is also described in ADF5904 datasheet as below.

    I have a question about MMIC Output.

    I want to know the exact…

  • ADF5904 connectors

    Hi there,

    We are using the EV-RADAR-MMIC2 kit and we would like to know if the connectors are standard SMA or 3.5mm or something else?

    Thank you.

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  • ADF5904 Downconversion


    The attributes for the ADF5904 (within a parametric search on the ADI website) show that its primary function is IQ downconversion; however, isn't this just a differential output (for common-mode rejection) and not a true IQ output?


  • ADF5904 Sensitivity

    Hi , 

    I have looked for a figure of sensitivity in the data sheet, but I could not find it. My calculations show -90dBm, but that is assuming an SNR. Could you please specify SNR and sensitivity?

    Thank you. 

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  • ADF5901 & ADF5904 settings


       I'm using the Analog Devices samples ADF5901 & ADF5904 in a radar system, but some problems puzzle me a lot recently. In my radar system, ADF4159 is used to control the ADF5901 VCO to generate a RF signal modulated with FMCW. I configure…

  • ADF5904 Eval Gerber Files


    I'm an engineer here at CEI, we are hoping if we can get the Gerber files for the ADF5904 eval board to confirm the land pattern of the chip.



  • RE: ADF5901, ADF5904 readback chip id and reserved fields


    Yes it is possible to readback some of the other readback control code settings, but as you have noted some of these have been hidden from users since they were intended for our use only, or sometimes weren't fully operational, or were deemed unnecessary…

  • RE: ADF5904 Noise figure

    The ADF5904 has fixed gain of 22dB and noise figure of 10dB and this is for the full ADF5904 signal chain, it is not broken up into individual blocks. 

  • ADF5904 Output Swing


    As per data sheet input P1dB is -10dBm and gain is 22dB. According to this output P1dB is 11dBm. 11dBm @900Ω is equal to 9.5206Vpp but as per data sheet output swing is 2Vp which is equal to 4Vpp. I am unable to co-relate. Please help me in this.

  • the match of ADF5904


    when i use the ADF5904, i want to match the Rx port to 50ohm at 24.125GHz. i use the ADS and ADS momentum to match the port.

    but when i test the  impedance of RX port ,the result does not satisfactory. May be my test is not accuracy.

    So i want to know…