• ADF5902 ADF5904 maximum RF bandwidth

    Which is the maximum effective RF bandwidth of the ADF5902 and ADF5904?

    I know that they are specified for 24-24.250GHz, but I was wondering if they can work over 1GHz around 24.125GHz.

    The PLL inside the ADF5902 should be equal to the ADF4159 so it could…

  • ADF5902 readback sequence - temperature sensor

    Hi, in the adf5902 datasheet pag 33 says this:

    but I dont understand why do you need the steps 5 and 6, are they necessary?, or could I program the adf5902 until the step 3 and have the ADC out signal always in DOUT?


  • Regarding ADF5902 ramp programming

    I have few queries regarding ADF5902 ramp programming.

    For example I have to program ramp for 100 MHz, with 100 microsecond.

    1. How do I choose my deviation value? and how deviation offset affects the resolution?

    2. How to select clk1 and clk2  ? and How…

  • Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) for ADF5902


    Does the ADF5902 have the ability to due frequency key shifting (FSK)? I originally was considering the ADF5901/ADF4159 however shifted gears to this part as it was cheaper and the project is cost-driven. I know the ADF4159 had the ability to do…

  • ADF5902 TX_DATA as Ramp Clock Problems


    I want to generate a FMCW Ramp from 24.0 to 24.25 GHz. I want to trigger the Ramp steps with the TX_DATA pin from a STM uC. The Step word is set to 8192 and the Dev-word to 5120.  My Ref_IN is ac coupled with a 100MHz oscillator. For normal countinius…


    Hi, please I need help to understand what is this example about, it says:

    "This sequence locks the VCO to 24.025 GHz with a 100 MHz reference. The ramp-up rate is 200 MHz at 144 μs. The ramp-down rate is 200 MHz at 9 μs"

    1.- what does…

  • Delay units in ADF5902

    Hi, in register 16 of datasheet says this:

    12-Bit Delay Word Bits[DB16:DB5] determine the delay word. The delay word determines the duration of the ramp start delay.

    but it does not mention the units, are us, ns, ms?


  • ADF5902 register 7 - master reset

    Hi, the step 1 in the intialization sequence says to write 0x02000007 in R7, this means that the MSB of this register is 00000010

    but the adf5902 datasheet pag 23 says that DB24 is reserved and should be 1 but in the initialization sequence they are…

  • ADF5902 tx out has spurious signals


    In our product,we need 5902 produce the FMCW signal .But in frequency spectrum,we see there has the couple spurious and its harmonic:62.5k\125k and so on.

    we change some parameter to test,charge current\Bandwidth\steps\ramp mode and so on ,but ,its…

  • ADF5902 Can not configure R7 Register


         We use ADF5902, but we can not configure R7 register.  We program 5902 registers by ADF5902_data initialization sequence. 

    The step 9 , We program R7 with value "0x01800827",  but we read R7 , the value is "0x00000000".   We read…