• EVA-ADF5902 Gerber File Request

    Can I get the EVA-ADF5902 Gerber files?

  • RE: ADF5902 PLL not locking

    Firstly, there is no need to write R5 after each register write, and this is probably affecting your ability to program the device correctly. You should only write R5 in the assigned points of the init sequence, or when updating the PLL frequency. The…

  • ADF5902

    When the ADF5902 is configured with point frequency, the data can be locked when the crystal oscillator of the ADF5902 development board is 40MHz, but the data cannot be locked when the crystal oscillator of the ADF5902 development board is 50MHz. What…

  • ADF5902 PLL not locking


    after following the instructions of another post of mine (https://ez.analog.com/rf/f/q-a/538009/using-adf4159-for-a-cw-radar-application/396330#396330), I tried to get the ADF5902 running this week. Im trying to lock the ADF5902 to a single frequency…

  • ADF5902: PLL not locking for CW


    I am trying to get my PLL to lock, but have been unsuccessful in trying different register writes/loop filter configurations. My sequence/loop filter is listed below can you see any potential error with my configuration? I am able to get tones close…

  • ADF5902 cannot be locked

    Hello: When I configure 18 registers on the ADF5902 board with a 50MHz crystal oscillator, the SPI data cannot be locked. The following are the register values I configured:

       parameter r0  = 32'h02000007;  // R7

       parameter r1  = 32'h0000002B;  //…

  • ADF5902的VTUNE不稳


  • ADF5902


  • ADF5902: How is the TX chirp range ?

    Hi Teams

      We plan to use ADF5902+ADF5904 to develop 24G FMCW, There are two question need to confirm. thanks 

      1) Would you pls. check the chirp range of ADF5902 ?  Can it support TX slope above 4 mHz/uS ? 

    2) Can support 2pcs ADF5902 and 4 pcs ADF5904 in…

  • ADF5902 TX_DATA as Ramp Clock Problems


    I want to generate a FMCW Ramp from 24.0 to 24.25 GHz. I want to trigger the Ramp steps with the TX_DATA pin from a STM uC. The Step word is set to 8192 and the Dev-word to 5120.  My Ref_IN is ac coupled with a 100MHz oscillator. For normal countinius…