• ADF5902

    When the ADF5902 is configured with point frequency, the data can be locked when the crystal oscillator of the ADF5902 development board is 40MHz, but the data cannot be locked when the crystal oscillator of the ADF5902 development board is 50MHz. What…

  • ADF5902 cannot be locked

    Hello: When I configure 18 registers on the ADF5902 board with a 50MHz crystal oscillator, the SPI data cannot be locked. The following are the register values I configured:

       parameter r0  = 32'h02000007;  // R7

       parameter r1  = 32'h0000002B;  //…

  • ADF5902


  • ADF5902的VTUNE不稳


  • ADF5902 Wandering noise


    ALL,We use adf5902 and adf5904 in our design ,During the test,

    1.we found that the rf output tx of adf5902 has Wandering noise,The following video shows 

    Click here to play this video

    2.Adf 5902 operates in sweep mode,Vtune also has a Wandering noise,as follows

    Click here to play this video


    My question 

  • ADF5902: Peak Transmit Power


    We are currently developing a product with the ADF5902 in 24GHz ISM band and want to verify the peak transmit power based on the Datasheet/our measurements. From what we measured on our spectrum analyzer we got a max power of 8.5dBm while the datasheet…

  • ADF5902 CPOL and CPHA

    Hi, I am designing the SPI master to load the registers for config the ADF5902, please help me to answer this questions:

    1.- according to the datasheet (fig2) and the timing diagram of the SPI protocol I understand that the correct values for the ADF5902…

  • ADF5902 CLK1 setup

    I have a ADF5902, I want to setup CLK1.   But it's Register 7 have follow description:

    "The CLK1 value sets a divider for the VCO frequency calibration. Load the divider such that PFD frequency (fPFD)/CLK1 is less than or equal to 25 kHz.


  • ADF5902 phase difference between TXs

    Good day,

              We'd like to use ADF5902 in MIMO radar, do you have any test data about  phase difference between the two TXs, i fail to find it among web documents.

  • ADF5902 readback sequence - temperature sensor

    Hi, in the adf5902 datasheet pag 33 says this:

    but I dont understand why do you need the steps 5 and 6, are they necessary?, or could I program the adf5902 until the step 3 and have the ADC out signal always in DOUT?