• RE: The AUX out  of  ADF5901 and ADF4159

    How you know the RFin ports impedance of ADF4159 since there is no implication in it's datasheet. except page 11 which show 2k input on each port pin? And you mean this is 100 Ohm deferentially? These are conflicting each other.

  • The output power of the adf5901 is very low

    I'm using ADF5901 to generate 24GHz radar wave, and I have ran the init routine that the TX2 is off and the TX1 is on. But only a very small power signal was detected on the TX1 foot through the Spectrum Analyzer.The  less power(0x64)  was selected…

  • MUXOUT ADF5901

    I am using the EV-RADAR-MMIC2 board.

    I program the R-divider so that the calibration frequency of the VCO is 3.125MHz

    Now I want to see that signal, that the clock divided, by the MUXOUT (AFD5901)

    And testing in TP24.

    I have tried all of them to activate…

  • problem with noise (adf5901 + adf4159 + adf5904)

    Hello to all. Can anyone tell me about my problem?

    I did a FSK radar, part of the topology is shown in Figure 1.

    Actually, the problem is that after the Fourier transform of the IF signals, I got high module noise
    (Figure 2, noise picture without rubber…
  • ADF5901 and ADF5904 spi timing

    there is my SPI timing in attachment.

  • RE: how to read spi from adf5901?

    Hello can i know how to programe the ADF4159 using SPI thanks.

  • Registers in ADF5901


    What is the difference between the "R7" clock divider and "R8" Frequency Calibration clock in which both descriptions in the datasheets are stated "....set as divider for the VCO frequency calibration"?

    Both current are…

  • ADF5901 is not work at the right  frequency ?

    I designed the LFMCW transmitter with ADF4159 and ADF5901, using triangular wave modulation, designed to output 24~24.2GHz. The problem is that ADF5901 cannot be locked at 24GHz~24.2GHz, It was later found that the frequency range of ADF4159 modulation…

  • 关于ADF5901和ADF4159 AUX信号输出功率的疑问

    1、ADF5901手册中给出了DIV设置为2情况下的aux随温度的功率变化,请问这个曲线的测试条件是什么,测试时设置的buffer gain是多少?实际应用中buffergain设置多少合适?

    2、ADF4159 RFINA和RFINB的输入最大和最小功率是多少?是-10dBm~0dBm吗?

  • ADF5901输出频率范围不对