• ADF5901 Rset voltage and Vreg


    i am using ADF5901 for one of my project. I see from datasheet that the nominal voltage on Rset pin is 0.62V. However, when I measure it on my board I see 0V. 

    Additionally, on VREG pin I measure 2V but the datasheet says 1.8V. Are these both some…


    Hi, I'm using ADF4159 and ADF5901 to generate 24GHz ~ 24.25GHz FMCW signal. My question is: Have you ever measure the maximun Fdev per step ? I want to get a high slope of a single sawtooth burst. My reference frequency is 50M and I set Ref doubler so…

  • ADF5901 Dev board routed programming question

    Hello all,

    I am looking at the ADF5901 development board datasheet and I had a few questions about some of the routed connections. 

    In the datasheet above, I'm focusing on the connections between the SPD programming board to the ADF4159 and ADF5901.…

  • ADF5904 ADF5901 maximum current consumption

    In the datasheet of these parts only typical current has been noted as 170mA.

    But there is nothing about max.

    In reference design, they have used 500mA regulator.

    Will it be sufficient to use 200mA reg. for PA+VCO(ADF5901) and 4ch downconverter(ADF5904…

  • RE: Can I read the out power of the ADF5901 on the TX pin

    The ADC is used to measure the output power during the internal TX amplitude calibration sequence. It is not possible to read back the output power from the ADC.

  • MIMO chirp tirgger problem using ADF4159 & ADF5901?


    I'm using ADF4159 & ADF5901 to generate 24GHz radar chirp, and I have used the TXdata of ADF4159 to trigger a single sawtooth brust. I follow the INITIALIZATION SEQUENCE of ADF5901 to lock it at 24GHz and trigger the TXdata of ADF4159, and only…

  • How to save ADF5901 calibration result and exactly why?

    1.in page 24 of ADF5901 DATASHEET: "The accuracy can be improved by performing one-point calibration and storing the result in memory". exactly save what(specific place of what register)? and for what? What I understand: save resulted code, but i don…

  • ADF5901 Two Tx channels operation clarification

    Dear Sirs,

    Our customer is going to use ADF5901 for their design however they need some clarification regarding the correct operation of two Tx channels.

    In some earlier questions it was mentioned that: "In many cases only one Tx is used, but 2 Tx's are…

  • Programming of ADF5901


    we have constructed an 24Ghz Radar using ADF4159 ,ADF5901 and ADF5904. we have taken out (connected to a 3 pin connector) the Serial Communication pins for all the ICs and tried communicate with it using the NI-PXI controller. we have followed the…

  • ADF5901 VCO fundamental frequency

    Please tell me if the ADF5901 uses a fundamental 24GHz oscillator.

    I think HMC739 is a 12GHz core that is doubled, is ADF5901 similar?

    Thank you