• ADF5901 VCO fundamental frequency

    Please tell me if the ADF5901 uses a fundamental 24GHz oscillator.

    I think HMC739 is a 12GHz core that is doubled, is ADF5901 similar?

    Thank you

  • ADF5901 & ADF5904 settings


       I'm using the Analog Devices samples ADF5901 & ADF5904 in a radar system, but some problems puzzle me a lot recently. In my radar system, ADF4159 is used to control the ADF5901 VCO to generate a RF signal modulated with FMCW. I configure…

  • initialize RFout ADF5901

    `After powering up the device, administer the following programming sequence. The following sequence locks the VCO to 24.125 GHz with a 100 MHz reference and a 50 MHz reference divider frequency`

    For the 5901 to operate at the full bandwidth starting…

  • Programming of ADF5901


    we have constructed an 24Ghz Radar using ADF4159 ,ADF5901 and ADF5904. we have taken out (connected to a 3 pin connector) the Serial Communication pins for all the ICs and tried communicate with it using the NI-PXI controller. we have followed the…

  • MUXOUT ADF5901

    I am using the EV-RADAR-MMIC2 board.

    I program the R-divider so that the calibration frequency of the VCO is 3.125MHz

    Now I want to see that signal, that the clock divided, by the MUXOUT (AFD5901)

    And testing in TP24.

    I have tried all of them to activate…

  • ADF5901 SPI programming issue


    I have designed a custom board with adf5901. After power up of the board, I enable the chip by supplying 2.5V to CE pin. Then I try to write register R3 to program the MUXOUT to give 3.3V (high). But looks like the chip is not responding at all. The…

  • ADF5901 TX Termination


    If not using one of the ADF5901 TX outputs, can it just be left unconnected or should it be terminated in 50 ohms?


  • adf5901 tx select

    What is the procedure from selecting the tx output channel on the adf5901?

    The init and recalibration process both turn off tx1 and turn on tx2. Do I need to do anything beyond changing the values in R0 to switch between the tx outputs?

  • ADF5901 calibration results

    I am using the ADF5901 as part of our system, initializing it once and recalibrating it periodically.
    Is there any way to get/read a calibration result after finishing the initialization / the re-calibration of the transmitter?
    We want to use it to…
  • Question about ADF5901

    I would like to adjust the LO output power of the ADF5901, but it does not seem to have the ability to control the output power on the datasheet. Please let me know if there is any way to change the LO output power.

    (Is there any hidden register to control…