• ADF5901, ADF5904 readback chip id and reserved fields


    During experiments I tryed to read back ADF5901 registers using DOUT line and by setting READBACK CONTROL code in R3. There are actually correct register values when ctl codes are 0b000001..0b001100 and 0b010110 for ADC readback. But I tryed to…

  • ADF5901+ADF4159


    I am using the ADF5901+ADF4159 chip combination to generate an FMCW ramp from 24GHz to 24.25GHz. However, the voltage on the VTUNE pin is always zero. I've been debugging the chips to figure out the problem. I have some questions in this context…

  • Synchronizing multiple ADF5901 chips


    I am working on developing a system much like the EV-RADAR-MMIC2 development platform utilizing the ADF4159, ADF5901, and ADF5904. I was hoping to increase the number of TX and RX channels and create an N channel TX, N*2 channel RX system.


  • ADF5901 calibration results

    I am using the ADF5901 as part of our system, initializing it once and recalibrating it periodically.
    Is there any way to get/read a calibration result after finishing the initialization / the re-calibration of the transmitter?
    We want to use it to…
  • initialize RFout ADF5901

    `After powering up the device, administer the following programming sequence. The following sequence locks the VCO to 24.125 GHz with a 100 MHz reference and a 50 MHz reference divider frequency`

    For the 5901 to operate at the full bandwidth starting…

  • R counter and N counter of ADF5901

    I am using EV-RADAR-MMIC2 board, as the manual shown, for normal operation, the R counter and N counter need to be disabled.

    My question is why disable these two counter when the R counter set to 1 and N counter set to the sum of (INT AND FRAC)?


  • Problem of switching output channel on the ADF5901

    When switching TX channel of ADF5901, We find that the output frequency will jump and is not a stable value,and only happens when you switch TX channel.

    Test chirp signals as shown in the figure below.When switching TX, we only configured DB6 and DB7…

  • Calibrating TX Power ADF5901

    https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/ADF5901.pdf Page 15, mentions Tx Amplitude Calibration [DB11 and DB12]  Register 0

    Bit DB11 provides the control bit for amplitude calibration of the Tx1 output. Set this bit to 0 for normal…

  • ADF5901 Rset voltage and Vreg


    i am using ADF5901 for one of my project. I see from datasheet that the nominal voltage on Rset pin is 0.62V. However, when I measure it on my board I see 0V. 

    Additionally, on VREG pin I measure 2V but the datasheet says 1.8V. Are these both some…


    Hi, I'm using ADF4159 and ADF5901 to generate 24GHz ~ 24.25GHz FMCW signal. My question is: Have you ever measure the maximun Fdev per step ? I want to get a high slope of a single sawtooth burst. My reference frequency is 50M and I set Ref doubler so…