• ADF5901 Temperature Readback While Transmitting Data

    I'm initializing the ADF 5901 configurations and starting to transmit data. After that, I am reading ADF 5901 temperature periodically from DOUT pin as described in datasheet while the data transfer is in progress. At this point, I have realized…
  • ADF5901 R0 readout over SPI does not match

    Hi   and other members who can help,

    I am using ADF5901 chip in our custom RF board and I am getting a strange behavior from the R0 register readback over SPI.

    I am sending following 32-bit array over MOSI to write in R0 first. Then I send another…

  • sawtooth setup in ADF4159 and ADF5901


    Is there a way to setup the number of sawtooth generated from ADF4159 and ADF5901, or how can I determine the number of sawtooth in a frame by using EV-RADAR-MMIC2 since I need the number to calculate the velocity of the target.



  • ADF5901 programming issue


    I have designed a custom board with adf5901. After power up of the board, I enable the chip by supplying 2.5V to CE pin. Then I try to write register R3 to program the MUXOUT to give 3.3V (high). But looks like the chip is not responding at all. The…

  • ADF5901 configuration

    I've attached a picture of my ADF5901 configuration.

    I'll appreciate it if you could approve.

    My Ref freq is 25MHz and the output frequency is between 24GHz to 24.25GHz

    Should I set Register 8 to 250?

    I was not sure if I should set it to 250 or…

  • ADF5901 output power issue.


    I'm using ADF5901 with ADF4159. 

    i want to use txout 1 for 5dBm, txout 2 for 8dBm.

    how can i control each output power ?

  • EVAL-SDP-CS1Z, ADF5901 not recognized


    Recently we purchased a EVAL-SDP-CS1Z & ADF5901. We downloaded and installed the "SDPDrivers.exe" on our Windows 10 PC with the latest .

    NET Framework. After installation we restarted the PC and connected the EVAL-SDP-CS1Z board to…

  • ADF5901 RF output not stable


    We have developed a 24 GHz custom radar board with the ADF4159-ADF5901-ADF5904 setup. We program the Tx to generate 24Ghz and divide it by 4 to send it to PLL feedback in RF synthesis mode (no ramp). Once the initialization is done for both Tx and…

  • ADF5901 temperature measurement

    I've configured the ADF5901 to use the internal temperature sensor to take temperature measurements and it seems to work.
    I'm interested in taking the ADF5901 temperature periodically.
    My questions are:
    1. Can I keep the counters enabled…
  • Problem of switching output channel on the ADF5901

    When switching TX channel of ADF5901, We find that the output frequency will jump and is not a stable value,and only happens when you switch TX channel. Test chirp signals as shown in the figure below.When switching TX, we only configured DB6 and DB7…