• ADF5610 Modes of operation

    Good day, I am programming my second PLL device and I am kind of struggling getting into the right mode of operation in the ADF5610 evaluation board. I have used the ADF5610 Evaluation board software, so now I am trying to communicate with the evaluation…

  • ADF5610 evaluation software

    I have an ADF5610 eval board.  On the box there is a link to download software from ftp server.  I tried to copy the zip files and this is the error I received.  Anyone can help?  Thanks.

  • ADF5610 Reference input


    i'm planning to use ADF5610 for generating  7 to 9GHz(Variable), 8GHz, 10GHz, 12GHz.

    Regarding ADF5610 Reference,

    1)I'm using 50MHz sine wave for PLL Reference input generated form the 10MHz Master clock with the help of multiplier. how much dBc…

  • ADF5610 Evaluation board


    I bought the ADF5610 evaluation board to check noise figure.

    The phase noise is out of specification.

    The noise figure is degraded of 20dB (in band 100Hz to 100kHz)

    Could you help me ?

    Reference input is an Anritsu RF generator : 50MHz

    You can find…

  • ADF5610 evaluation board

    I bought the ADF5610 evaluation board to analyse the phase noise response.

    The phase noise response is degradeted of 30dB.

    I used ADIsimPLL to check the response as follow

    Freq    Total    VCO    Ref    Chip    SDM    Filter
     100     -87.00     -95.45     --    -87.67     --    -125.3  


    How to select open mode and legacy mode for read and write operation? Any host based dependency are there? 

  • RE: PLL ADF5610 Phase Noise query


    I would like to simulate the phase noise as per Figure 7. Could you please let me know what is the setting and configuration (eg. int/fractional N, loop filter, loop bw...) in ADISimPLL so that I can get close result to Figure 7?

  • Example code for initial ADF5610

    Hi Experts:

    We are developing own ADF5610 board,but has no RFout,could you please share the example code that will helpful to rapidly build a source code?



  • RE: ADF5610 datasheet


    Yes this is a typo in the datasheet. It should say Bit 0 which is VT_SEL. Thanks for the feedback.



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