• ADF5610, undesired FM modulation on RF

    I have an Up Converter design with a ADF5610. I generate an LO of 14 to 14.5 GHz. My board has a 250MHz SAW oscillator for an on board reference. 

    RF 14.25 GHz

    N = 57

    R = 5

    RF out is fine, but for some applications the close in phase noise of the SAW is…

  • RE: ADF5610 Modes of operation

    The instructions in the attached document should help; CEN doesn't have anything to do with the modes but SEN does. Open mode is what most customers use in their own applications. 


  • RE: HMC767LP6CE - Two syntetisators parallelly on SPI?

    Hi Dan,

    Yes, this document would also apply to the HMC764, HMC765, HMC767, HMC769 and HMC778, HMC783, HMC803 and ADF5610. 

    Essentially any product using legacy HMC PLL technology.

    Best regards,


  • RE: EV-ADF5610SD1Z Evaluation Board gerber files

    I've attached the gerber, fab and assembly files for the ADF5610 eval board.


  • Number of frequency change in PLL synthesizer (ADF5610 or ADF5356)


    It’s supposed to use a PLL synthesizer with VCO (ADF5610 or ADF5356),

    and a frequency changes will several thousand times per day. Are there any restrictions on the number of frequency changes per day or the total number of data load operations…

  • ADF5610 Eval Bd Software

    I've got an ADF5610 evaluation board without username and password for the ftp link to the evaluation software. How do I get hold of this?

  • RE: ADF5610 evaluation software

    We are able to access the files and download them with no issues. I recommend you please try again. 

  • ADF5610 Reference input


    i'm planning to use ADF5610 for generating  7 to 9GHz(Variable), 8GHz, 10GHz, 12GHz.

    Regarding ADF5610 Reference,

    1)I'm using 50MHz sine wave for PLL Reference input generated form the 10MHz Master clock with the help of multiplier. how much dBc…

  • Does ADI have 6GHz PLL solution for 1ns lock time ?

    Dear Sir:

                    Does ADI have 6GHz PLL solution for under 1ns lock time? I have found ADF5610.  but it's lock time about 100us.


  • ADF5610 Distortion and Loop Bandwidth Limitation


    I'm evaluating the ADF5610 using the Analog Devices Evaluation board. Using an external Reference of 50MHz instead of the on-board Reference.

    I'm having trouble measuring phase noise using a phase noise analyser as the analyser is measuring a…