• ADF5610 EVB Ref Freq

    Could anyone clarify and give me any advice?

    Part : ADF5610

    1. ADF5610 EVB Direct External Ref Freq connect
    Using the ADF5610 EVB, I want to use Ref Freq=200MHz.
    The ADF5610 EVB has HMC1031, so I know it is difficult to use.

    So, External Ref Freq. I want…

  • RE: ADF5610 Eval Software


    At this point you could try run the source code and the ADF5610 applications interface should appear. From there it should work the same as the software downloaded from the product page. 

    Have you tried this yet?



  • ADF5610 EVB_SDP setup error

    Hello team,

    Our customer is trying to setup  SDP-S Driver but there is failure issue.

    It seems tobe installed normally through SDPDriver.exe. 

    However, whe this EVB is connedted to PC, it is recognized as follows.

     A similar problem is in the link below…

  • RE: ADF5610 RF output power when MUTE option enabled

    Mute mode can not be performed on the RFOUT port directly. The only way to mute RFOUT is to power down the VCO. In this case there should be no tone appearing above the noise floor. 

  • RE: ADF5610 EVB Setting....


    Do you have the capability to sync your spectrum analyzer with the on-board reference through the Refin connector as documented on p5 of the UG? This might be the cause of the frequency error.



  • RE: program EVAL-ADF5610 EEPROM


    Please use the following values:

    EEPROM Address in Hex: 54

    Board name: EV-ADF5610SD1Z

    Board Type: Daughterboard

    Site code: 6065 

    Cost Center: 7146

    Board ID: 01010110

    Board Description: ADF5610 Eval Board

  • calibration of ADF5610

    I carefully read the datasheet of ADF5610 recently but the autocalibration part of ADF5610 confused me a lot. Every time after we write a frequency that we desire, what principles does the FSM follow to select subbands? Is it the sub-band where the desired…

  • ADF5610 - Wenzel 100MHz ref specs


    What is the phase noise spec for Wenzel 100MHz source?

    Can you share the part number?

    Possible to reproduce in simulation (SimPLL) if the REF is making a difference in phase noise?

  • RE: ADF5610 VCO Sub Band settings

    Just to clarify, the sub band value of 205 is just used for example purposes. The sub band for 8GHz can vary from part to part. Therefore, before using manual calibration, you need to have read back the corresponding sub band at the desired frequency after…

  • ADF5610 datasheet

    The ADF5610's datasheet says VCO Register 0x00 Bit[7] is the VCO autocalibration bit(fig.1), but VCO Subsystem Register Map shows VCO Register 0x00 Bit[7] is of the VCO subband selection Bits[8:1](fig.2). Is there a problem here? Or is it referred to VCO…