• program EVAL-ADF5610 EEPROM


    Recently, I am design a  synthesizer  with ADF5610,and I wanna to use ADF5610 Evaluation software to control my board.

    I refer to the EVAL-ADF5610  Demo Board Schematic, put a EEPROM 24LC32 on my board.  

    I have a SDP-S board but cannot connect to my…

  • calibration of ADF5610

    I carefully read the datasheet of ADF5610 recently but the autocalibration part of ADF5610 confused me a lot. Every time after we write a frequency that we desire, what principles does the FSM follow to select subbands? Is it the sub-band where the desired…

  • RE: ADF5610 datasheet


    Yes this is a typo in the datasheet. It should say Bit 0 which is VT_SEL. Thanks for the feedback.



  • RE: ADF5610 Evalution Board can,t work

    Brother, your power supply has no current. Please check the power wiring.

  • RE: Questions of ADF5610 Evaluation Board's use


    For manual calibration to working correctly you first need to readback the correct sub-band after auto calibration has been performed for a given frequency. This is not yet available in the ADF5610 customer software and a separate interface would…

  • questions of ADF5610

    After I read the datasheet of ADF5610, I am so curious about how it calibrates. First, after we write a frequency that we want, does the FSM choose a subband where the desired frequency falls at the center of the subband? Does the process of selecting…

  • About the use and control of adf5610 and process problems. Ask for answers.

    1.How does the ADF5610 evaluation board use the subband selection function of the software internal VCO register 0 (0x00h)? The output does not change after the corresponding register is written. What is the reason? If this function can be used, what…
  • ADF5610 - PN where there is only N integer vs. N integer + N fractional

    Hi During my measurments with the EVB i saw that there is a much difference between two states, i compared it with TI LMX2954 and in their IC EVB there is only tiny diff between 

    syntysiezed freqs with N integer only vs. N integer + N fractional , is this…

  • ADF5610 - EXT REF input toward IC Xref pin on EVB


    i'm trying to enter with 80MHz Good reference yet the EVB document lack some importent description of how to change the EVB to work with External REF, there is no any commant of what to do with , R51, R47, R33, C79, C85, its very basic and no description…


    Thanks in advance.

    we are trying to write the VCO BUIT IN TEST functionality for ADF5610 in Linux driver and not able to get any reference source code. 

    Also we have searched datasheet and many other places for this case, but not able to get the exact…