• ADF5356

    dear all

    can I generate two frequency synchronized but shifted using the ADF5356 PLL

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  • ADF5356

    hello all

    I am using the PLL ADF 5356 so I want to sweep the band from 3.4 to 6.8 GHZ all at once how I can do

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  • HMC702 and ADF5356?


    I was wondering if the HMC702 and ADF5356 are compatible with each other? Can the ADF5356 be used as a VCO for HMC702 to sweep the entire band?



  • EVAL-ADF5356


    i am using the EV-ADF5356 board with the ADF5356 evaluation board control software. is it possible to get a sweep with a changeable amplitude? because we want a sweep with a amplitude from 0.5V or 1V. 

    And is it possible to send me the source code…

  • 6/15/16: Getting the Most from ADI PLL Products

    Any update on the ADF5356?

  • RE: ADF5356 Frequency Sweep

    No, ADF5356 does not support sweep mode.



  • RE: ADF 5356 VCO calibration bypass


    This tab is used in conjunction with the attached ap-note ...( can also be downloaded from the ADF5356 product page, regards,


  • ADF5356 output frequency response


    We made wideband RF genegator using ADF5356. our PCB have same schematic diagram as evaluation board. But we have a problem. Frequency response of our device at rf output of ADF5356 is very non-linear. It's broken line and it's mush less uniformly…

  • RE: ADF5355 problem

    Hi Jake,

    I suppose it would be worth a try but the ADF5355 really should work fine for you. Sounds like something may not be right on your board or the ADF5355 devices are damaged.

    The internal circuit blocks were re-arranged to improve the VCO / PLL…

  • RE: Specifications Difference between AD5355 and AD5356

    Sorry, I questioned about the ADF5355 and the ADF5356.