• Question about spur. issue of ADF5356


    My customer use ADF5356 and she made her own board with ADF5356.

    And she is doing the performance and fuction test with this board.

    She test output signal of RFOUT A+ and RFOUT A-  with using transformar.

    Please refer attached file with spur. issue…

  • ADF5356 Output Power too Low


    I am doing a custom board with the ADF5356. I have tried to match the eval board as closely as I can. It is programming to the correct frequency every time I power on the board. One problem, though, is that the output power is too low. I am using…

  • when ADF5356 relock ... phase synchronization ?

    Hi Frank,
       What I need is After the PLL is powered on again, each locking phase is consistent with the reference signal,I saw in the application manual that you mentioned that the phase synchronization can be maintained after software restart,Now I do…
  • RE: ADF5356 fast lock

    Hi Rodger,

    Please see here:

     How to choose a ultra-fast PLL with RF to 5 GHz ? 

    Basically, it's mostly dependent on the loop filter bandwidth and PFD frequency, which is user defined and application specific. Nearly all of our PLLs can have similarly…

  • ADF5356: mute pin (PDB_RF) settling time

    Dear ADev support,

    Regarding the ADF5356: which is the RF_OUT_B settling time when the mute function is enable/disable by using the hardware pin (PDB_RF)?

    In other words, I am interested in enabling/ disabling the RF output of the ADF5356, my concern…

  • ADF5356-Issues with frequencies above 4 GHz

    Hi there,

    I was just testing out a custom ADF5356 board and was experiencing significant power loss after 4 GHz.

    The custom board is essentially a copy of the evaluation board, with a few minor differences to fill a different need. There are 2 points…

  • ADF5356 Differential RF output

    Hi, I am using the ADF5356 for the first time and would like a recommendation on a BALUN to use on the differential RF output

  • I'm trying to use the SPI test points on the EV-ADF5356SD1Z board with my own SPI Controller to configure the ADF5356. My SPI Controller is not configuring the device correctly, and ideas why? thanks.

    When I view the SPI data through a SPI decoder, the data from my custom SPI Controller and the SDP-S is being sent/decoded is as I expected. Is there something that I am missing? Maybe the SPD-S card needs to be plugged in to pull a signal high/low or…

  • ADF5356 issues


    We are encountering numerous problems with device operation. Upon power-up all seems to be fine, but a few seconds later the power supply starts draw large amounts of current and some capacitors (ones on the V_ref and V_bias pins) start to burn…