• RE: ADF5355 & Petalinux 2017.4

    You can either use the ADI kernel as whole - or if you only need the ADF5355 driver -

    just copy adf5355.c, adf5355.h into linux/drivers/iio/frequency

    and add following lines to these files:


  • RE: how to install ADF5355 linux driver on Raspberry pi3 ?

    There's a small inconsistency between the filenames; so to make sure:

    • In your /boot/config.txt you added dtoverlay=adf5355
    • But your file seems to be named adf5355-overlay.dts
    • Question: did you copy adf5355.dtbo or adf5355-overlay.dtbo in
  • RE: FMCOMMS5 missing ADF5355?

    It's quite explainable.

    When the FMCOMMS5 was designed and build the ADF5355 was not released.

    Only recently the ADF5355 released. And boards that are ordered now have the ADF5355 populated.

    I got the first board with the PLL assembled only a few…

  • RE: Can I apply SPI with 3.3V LE to ADF5355 before VDdd (3.3V) is applied?


    In my design, ADF5355 shares the SPI bus with others components, like SPI GPIO expander, etc. Sometimes when ADF5355 is powered off, the SPI MOSI and CLK are still alive with 0 to 3.3V swing for other components. In addition, the LE of ADF5355…

  • RE: hmc704 如何锁定 ADF5355内部VCO


    ► Process for each step:

     1. ADF5355 locks to desired frequency using internal PLL.

     2. ADF5355 internal PLL is disabled.

     3. HMC704 then locks the ADF5355 VCO.

  • RE: ADF5355 fast lock times

    This document is now on Analog.com. Please go to the ADF5355 product page, scroll down to Documentation.


  • RE: How to use the VCO of ADF5355 by HMC704?

    HMC704 CP output connects to the ADF5355's VTUNE input.  ADF5355 CP output can be disconnected.

  • ADF5355

    Dear Sir/Madam

    When the ADF5355 CE is low , whether or not the ADF5355 could power up through software configuration.
  • RE: ADF5333 MUXOUT

    Yes - AN-873 applies to ADF5355.

    However, it is not recommended to use analog lock detect on the ADF5355. It can lead to spurs on the RF output.