• RE: ADF5355 phase noise


    You can check ADF5610 and ADF4372. All three parts have models in ADISIMPLL, you can simulate and compare their performance for given reference frequency and loop filter.



  • ADF5355


    Do you have data for the output return loss of the RFoutB pin on the ADF5355 over frequency?  Do you have S-params for the RFoutB?


  • ADF5355


  • adf5355


    I have tried to use ADF5355 as RF PLL integrated VCO chip.

    When I test chip with board, The output has some spur...

    There is my PLL setting

    I didn't use REF EVAL board. so I used USB to serial Port and ARM chip (coretex M4)

    First, I…

  • ADF5355 Problem


    I have a ADF5355 board.

    When power on (no commands sent yet) the LD and the MUX out are both 3.3V ("1").

    When sending commands to the board, it all seems fine on the controller side (attiny13a) but nothing changes , no output.

    no change…

  • Controlling ADF5355

     I am new to this area, would really appreciate help on my queries. We are trying to do some EMI studies for which we are using this IC as a signal source. 

    1. If i dont want to use the eval board for ADF5355, how do i control(program) our custom designed…

  • ADF5355

    Dear Sir/Madam

    When the ADF5355 CE is low , whether or not the ADF5355 could power up through software configuration.
  • ADF5355


    ADF5355 - any updates for Simpll?  especially regarding spurs calc in fractional mode...

    Output power for frequencies from 50MHz to 1GHz?

    Simpll missing output doubler...

    Anyway to decrease settling time in integer mode beside increasing phase…

  • adf5355

    We working on ADF5355.

    We are unable to lock the PLL to required frequency.

    We are using refernce clodk of 10MHz.

    Our frequency of operation is 3.3GHz which is derived by using divider.

    We would like to use pll in sweep mode in steps 100KHz in fractional…

  • ADF5355 Lock Time


    Currently my lock time is close to 8.5ms (ADIsimPLL reports 6.1ms for my loop filter config). I would like to improve this and expecting to bring it down. 

    ADF5355 datasheet mentions that "Much faster lock times than those detailed in this data sheet…