• ADF5355 Frequency setting issues

    Hello everyone

    I'm using the ADF5355 signal generator board to send signals at a certain frequency and with a certain power level.

    It is programmed using an Arduino Nano with SPI.

    I was able to do this with the code attached to this message (obtained…

  • ADF5355 frequency deviations power supply

    Hello everyone,

    I'm using the ADF5355 board to send signals at a constant frequency in the 1-6GHz range.

    I achieved to do this by programming the registers of the board with Arduino Nano and updating it every time I changed the frequency.


  • ADF5355的锁定





  • RE: PFD Spurs ADF5355

    Even we are facing exactly same issue,  sir can you please guide. We are working with ADF4356 

  • ADF5355 phase noise

    Is there any newer/better device having lower phase noise at around 13 GHz?

  • ADF5355 lock issues

    I am having trouble attaining a lock with the ADF5355 in my current design and would like some suggestions on how to go about trouble shooting.

    1) I have the eval board where I can validate my settings and attain a lock at 6000 MHz.

    2) I have also used…

  • adf5355无法锁定







  • C/C++ source for ADF5355


    Could you please provide with me the C/C++ source for ADF5355 ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • The adf5355 pll cannot be locked

    When I was testing adf5355,the pll couldn't be locked.Here are some of the phenomena I tested, and I hope to get your help.

    First, I set up the loop filter as shown in the figure below, with a bandwidth of 100kHz:

    The register is set as follows:

  • adf5355有很大的杂散