• Without Input, ADF5001 Output an Sine Wave

    When there's no input or input is grounded, Eval-ADF5001 Board outputs a sine wave, frequency 5GHz, Peak-Peak Magnitude 400mV. It confuses me and this noise signal severely disturbs my input signal. How to remove this noise signal an where it originates…

  • ADF5000, ADF5001, or ADF5002 sensitivity vs. temperature?

    The data sheets for these parts show very good behavior for sensitivity vs. Vdd, as shown on figure 3.

    Do you have data for typical sensitivity vs. temperature for any of these parts, especially the ADF5000?

    Thank you.

  • ADF5001 和ADF4156的连接问题




  • 关于ADF5001和ADF4156的连接问题


    关于ADF5001和ADF4156的连接,参考设计上给的是最好用差分线来连接,但是没有给出如何详细的布设这一差分线,感觉这个应该比较重要,不知到有没有详细的参考设计图?我是个新手,对这个还不是太清楚,根据我的理解ADF5001差分输出阻抗是100欧,那在pcb板上如果使用微带线的话,对应于RFout - RFinA,和RFOUT_N - RFinB的微带线特征阻抗是不是应该设计成50欧,还有这个连接需不需要终端匹配? 如果需要的话应该如何进行匹配?


  • RE: CN0174 schematics

    Hi Payam,

    The circuit described in Figure 3 of CN0174 consists of several PC boards connected together.

    We do not have complete schematics for the entire system, but we do have documentation for the individual evaluation boards for the ADF4156 and the…

  • RE: 采用adf4150hv+hmc586能否实现5-7GHz的扫频?

    可以, 不过因为ADF4155HV的RF频率范围是0.5G to 3GHz. 所以需要在HMC586输出分频后反馈到ADF4150HV, 推荐ADF5001, 4分频

  • RE: ADF5000 stable with no RF applied?

    yes like with most RF dividers, the input stage will self-oscillate with no RF present.

    The only way to overcome this is to use the hardware powerdown pin (CE) .

    The self-oscillation frequency for the ADF5000 is ~ 10GHz. This halves for

    every extra…

  • Query about ADF4158 Simulation with ADIsimPLL

    Dear supporter

    I use the ADIsimPLL to simulate the ADF4158. I use the VCO library editor to define the 15GHz VCO I used and the VCO follows a divided by 4 ADF5001. The setting in the ADIsimPLL is shown as follow.

    The problem is that the simulation result…

  • RE: ADF4158 - Is it possible to modulate a VCO from 11.5 - 12.5GHz

    You could use the ADF4158 and the ADF5001 divide-by-4 prescaler for your circuit. See this solution for reference: http://www.analog.com/en/circuits-from-the-lab/CN0174/vc.html

    Just replace the ADF4156 with the ADF4158 and replace the VCO with one for…

  • RE: PFD capable of identifying 2.4G analog signals

    The HMC7044 cannot accept a 2.4GHz signal on the reference ports.

    I cannot find anything in our portfolio that can accept a signal as fast as 2.4GHz for a PLL circuit. One option could be to use a frequency divider in front of a PLL chip. For example…