I Want to use ADF4372 in autocalibration bypass mode with a lock time of less than 30us.

    I have two questions.

    1.  In the application note AN-2005. I read a sentence in this application that " Generate a new table for every chip because each chip…

  • Differential input ADF4372 eval board

    The ADF4372 has a reference input that can accept single-ended and differential signals.

    However, is it possible with the evaluation board to have a differential input on REFP and REFN? Or is there an adaptation possible on the board to have it? It's not…

  • ADF4372 : acceptable input power


    I would like to know was is the acceptable input power of the eval board of ADF4372. I mean, I'd like to use an external reference and I wonder what is the maximum power I can use with it (in dBm).

    Moreover, I would like to know what is the output…

  • ADF4372 Lack of coordination Autocalibration bypass register


    I read both the ADF4372 datasheet and application note AN2005 I guess something wrong happens.

    The register number 0x33 in AN2005 " Register 0x0033, Bits[7:5], VCO_FSM_READBACK" in datasheet page 24 mentioned RESERVED.

    Can I use register 0x0033…

  • RE: ADF4372


    ADF4372 has 4 VCO core and 256 overlapping bands for each VCO core. VCO core and band is selected with internal autocalibration process. When reference frequency is changed with a small step, VCO band can cover the change but when VCO band reaches…

  • RE: ADF4372 Lock detect

    Hi Cosmo Little,

    Unfortunately, MUXOUT pin cannot output digital lock detect status and scaled divider outputs simultaneously. You can check the lock status by reading back the Reg0x7C[0] bit. 

    If you are using fractional divider, it is suggested to enable…

  • About ADF4372


         I have some trouble in test of ADF4372. The output signal is show in figure,and could not be changed through SPI .But form the sdo , we can see that  the data has been shifted into the register successfully.

         And the output power could be changed…

  • About ADF4372


        I am doing a test of a demo board of ADF4372, my schematic is refer to the evaluation board datasheet. But the SPI still seems not work. I have write Reg0x0=0x18, Reg0x1=0x0, Reg0x20=0x14 for 4-wire SPI, but the muxout still could not read back…

  • About ADF4372


           I am testing a test board of ADF4372 recently.There seems to be some problem:  1. The input current of  AVDD (3.3V) port is just about 70 ma,and after I turn on the VCC_VCO ( 5V),it raise to 100ma, while its still 90ma lower than the typical value…