• ADF4371 Issues

    EDIT: I think the output may not be fully locked and that is why my output frequency is jumping around (by 100MHz+), what I thought was jitter at first. If I turn off my reference frequency, the output changes significantly so I thought it was locked…
  • Additional information regarding ADF4371

    This is Motoki Moritani. I am a 1st year master's student, belongs to the Structural Dynamics Design Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology.

    I have a question regarding the radiation resistance of item ADF4371 that I found on your website (https…

  • ADF4371 code samples

    I would like to obtain code samples (in any computer language) for:

     - initialization of the ADF 4371

     - setting the frequency output (fractional mode) with autocal enabled

     - setting the frequency and any required calibration data with autocal disabled

  • ADF4371 IBIS Model

    I'd like to use an IBIS model for the ADF4371 for analyzing the digital interface on this chip. Is there an IBIS model available for the ADF4371 or a model for a chip that is similar enough that it would work in its place?

    Thank you!

  • adf4371 adf4372


    There is a quote in a datasheet "Much faster lock times than those detailed in this data sheet are possible by bypassing the calibration processes. Contact Analog Devices, Inc., for more information."

    Could you please elaborate?


  • ADF4371 Quadrulpler

    Version PrH datasheet states.. "The automatic tracking does not set the optimum
    coefficients for quadrupled output. For optimum output power,
    phase noise and harmonic rejection, auto selection mode
    should be disabled".

    OK, if we manually set the…

  • ADF4371/4372 strange behavior


    I am experiencing a strange behavior when using ADF4371/4372 synthesizers - after some time of normal operation the IC starts to show a low impedance (around 1 ohm when measured with a ohm meter) at some ports - eg. the reference inputs or CP output…

  • ADF4371 LDO recommendations

    Dear Sir

    Please can you recommend an LDO suitable for use with the ADF4371 that has an output current of more than 1A and an output voltage of 5V?


  • ADF4371 ADC VTUNE Information


    I would like to retrieve some information on how the VTUNE voltage changes with low frequency phase changes on the input to the ADF4371. I noticed there is a built in ADC to do just that! I don't see any information on the ADC in the datasheet, asides…

  • ADF4371 SPI stream for initialization


    im trying to configure the ADF4371 device. i exported the configuration file, which i loaded to the device via the ACE app. 

    now i try to write the configuration file from my board (from FPGA). 

    it seems the configuration fails. although, i seccusfully…