• Configuration guide for ADF4371


    I am using an ADC/DAC board from HTG company (HTG-FMC-12ADC-16DAC) which contains an ADF4371 and I have to configure that ADF4371 through SPI communication protocol. I have some questions that need your support:

    1. Could you show me or give me some…

  • Max Power Consumption for ADF4371 & ADF4372


    What is the max power consumption for ADF4371 & ADF4372?



    Hi Sir,

    I'm working on the ADF4371 synthesizer evaluation board using  ACE installer software to write the registers and lock the frequency from 17 to 23GHz. I'm using the STM32 controller and SPI protocol.  

    Now I'm facing an offset frequency lock…

  • About ADF4371 sweep frequency mode

    Dear all,

      How to realize the sweep frequency mode of ADF4371? Hope to get your help. Thank you.

  • Readback 4-wire SPI STM32 ADF4371

    Hi. I'm trying to read any register via SPI unsuccessfully. SPI write is succesfull. So i have digital lock detect and output RF signal, ADF4371 is working fine. At the beginning i write Reg0x0=0x18, Reg0x1=0x00 and Reg0x20[3] = 1. 

    There is screen…

  • EVAL-ADF4371 board input supply range


    The EVAL-ADF-4731 board uses two LT3045 low drop linear regulators that have an input range up 20V. The EVAL-4731 board datasheet only says to connect the board to 6V. Can the board be powered at 9V, 12, and a voltage up to 20V? Can higher…

  • ADF4371 output frequency change


    I'm trying to change output frequency without the need to re-initialize device registers to default values. The datasheet suggests ( "DEVICE SETUP", "STEP 3: FREQUENCY UPDATE SEQUENCE") to write ~9 registers, however, this doees not work for…

  • ADF4371 SPI stream for initialization


    im trying to configure the ADF4371 device. i exported the configuration file, which i loaded to the device via the ACE app. 

    now i try to write the configuration file from my board (from FPGA). 

    it seems the configuration fails. although, i seccusfully…

  • RE: ADF4371 PTAT reading

    You're welcome, thanks for cooperation. Slight smile I hope this info will be usefull for other people too.


  • adf4371支持连续跳多个频率吗