• RE: ADF4371 ADC VTUNE Information


    As also discussed by mail, it is not possible to read Vtune voltage using the internal ADC. It is only for temperature readback purpose.

    Regards, Kazim

  • RE: ADF4371 - Square or Sine Wave Output

    Hi Husnain,

    ADF4371 outputs should be AC-coupled to SE 50Ω's or differential 100Ω.

    It is not true to classify the output as square or sine wave. As you can see from Figure-15, the 3rd and 5th harmonics are significantly high which make…

  • ADF4371 ACE support

    Where can I find ADF4371 eval board ACE support?  There is no selection from ACE pull down menu.

  • ADF4371: Phase Resync


    Is it possible to synchronize the output phase of two ADF4371
    to which the same reference signal is input by using Phase Resync function?
    Best regards,
  • RE: ADF4371 Phase Noise Degradation around 25 GHz

    Hi Matt,

    Decreasing the CP current to min value changes the loop filter response. The default value is recommended for CP current. If you like to use a very narrow loop BW, it is better to design a new filter still using the default CP current (or slightly…

  • ADF4371 Issues

    EDIT: I think the output may not be fully locked and that is why my output frequency is jumping around (by 100MHz+), what I thought was jitter at first. If I turn off my reference frequency, the output changes significantly so I thought it was locked…
  • ADF4371 Python Lib

    Hi ADI,

    Is there any Python libraries available for the ADF4371?



  • ADF4371 code samples

    I would like to obtain code samples (in any computer language) for:

     - initialization of the ADF 4371

     - setting the frequency output (fractional mode) with autocal enabled

     - setting the frequency and any required calibration data with autocal disabled

  • ADF4371/4372 strange behavior


    I am experiencing a strange behavior when using ADF4371/4372 synthesizers - after some time of normal operation the IC starts to show a low impedance (around 1 ohm when measured with a ohm meter) at some ports - eg. the reference inputs or CP output…