• RE: ADF4371 output-power varies

    Hello Itsik,

    var_mode_en bit should not affect the output power. In the screenshots in your first post, the frequency of low output are different. Are these measurement from the same board with only changing the var_mode_en setting? Is there any other…

  • RE: Readback 4-wire SPI STM32 ADF4371

    I have tested it with ADF4372 and it really works, thank you!

  • RE: ADF4371 20dB Phase Noise hit at 100Hz Foffset

    Hi Chris,

    Is it possible that you are around the measurement limits of your signal source analyzer? 


  • RE: ADF4371 PTAT reading

    You're welcome, thanks for cooperation. Slight smile I hope this info will be usefull for other people too.


  • RE: ADF4371 Python Lib

    Hi Javi,

    Here is my email:

    chris.gorman@arrow.com reach out directly and I will send you the code.



  • RE: About ADF4371 sweep frequency mode


    Unfortunately, ADF4371 does not have a built-in frequency sweep functionality. What you can do is to calculate feedback divider values (INT, FRAC1,FRAC2,MOD2) for a given PFD frequency and write to part for each desired frequency. You can enable SPI…

  • ADF4371 ACE support

    Where can I find ADF4371 eval board ACE support?  There is no selection from ACE pull down menu.

  • ADF4371: Phase Resync


    Is it possible to synchronize the output phase of two ADF4371
    to which the same reference signal is input by using Phase Resync function?
    Best regards,
  • RE: ADF4371 Icp in Auto Tune Mode


    You need to set intended charge pump current manually, autocal does not change charge pump current. The charge pump current that you set is used to keep the loop locked. 

    Autocalibration picks the correct core, band and bias values according to the…

  • ADF4371 Issues

    EDIT: I think the output may not be fully locked and that is why my output frequency is jumping around (by 100MHz+), what I thought was jitter at first. If I turn off my reference frequency, the output changes significantly so I thought it was locked…