• ADF4371 ADC VTUNE Information


    I would like to retrieve some information on how the VTUNE voltage changes with low frequency phase changes on the input to the ADF4371. I noticed there is a built in ADC to do just that! I don't see any information on the ADC in the datasheet, asides…

  • ADF4371 - Square or Sine Wave Output


    If the outputs of the ADF4371 are terminated with 50Ohms Tx line. Would it produce square or sine waves for the output?



  • ADF4371 Phase Noise Degradation around 25 GHz

    Hi Analog Community,

    we are actually using ADF4371 in our system. All registers are managed by an Arduino. But we're encountering an unexpected  degradation of the phase noise from 22 GHz to 30 GHz with a max of degradation @ 25 GHz.

     Click here to play this video

    a sort of dirac…

  • ADF4371 Python Lib

    Hi ADI,

    Is there any Python libraries available for the ADF4371?



  • ADF4371 ACE support

    Where can I find ADF4371 eval board ACE support?  There is no selection from ACE pull down menu.

  • RE: ADF4371 VCO and 3 X VCO suppression at Doubler output


    Is the doubled output measured single ended or differential? All the specs that given in datasheet are measured using balun at the output. If you are using single ended output, can you try to measure it with balun? 



  • ADF4371: Phase Resync


    Is it possible to synchronize the output phase of two ADF4371
    to which the same reference signal is input by using Phase Resync function?
    Best regards,
  • ADF4371 Issues

    EDIT: I think the output may not be fully locked and that is why my output frequency is jumping around (by 100MHz+), what I thought was jitter at first. If I turn off my reference frequency, the output changes significantly so I thought it was locked…
  • ADF4371/4372 strange behavior


    I am experiencing a strange behavior when using ADF4371/4372 synthesizers - after some time of normal operation the IC starts to show a low impedance (around 1 ohm when measured with a ohm meter) at some ports - eg. the reference inputs or CP output…