• ADF4360-9 Max Temperature

    First question:

    We are running the ADF4360-9 beyond the published temperature specs.  The circuit has been run up to 125 degrees C and appears to work fine for our application.  Do you have any information as to the long term effects of operating the ADF4360…

  • ADF4360-9 Schematic and PCB

    Hello, everyone, we now need to adopt ADF4360-9 to design the phase-locked loop. We refer to the schematic of the evaluation kit, which is ug-106 page 9 and page 10, but some places, we do not understand, first, power supply section, in the schematic

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  • ADF4360-9 Band Selection

    Having a problem guaranteeing the VCO band that is selected after power up or an update of the N register.

    My application is using the ADF4360-9 in an FM modulation scheme.  Is there a way to guarantee that the device will always select the same VCO band…

  • ADF4360-9 Moisture Sensitivity

    I'm using an ADF4360-9 to generate about 124MHz clock using the divider output.  Everything works fine until I cold tested (-40C) and noticed that lock was lost.  I narrowed it down to moisture across any loop filter cap by dampening the end of a wood…

  • Doubt regarding programming ADF4360-9

    In ADF4360-9, is it not possible to generate different frequency without using the inductors at the pins 9 and 10.

  • RE: ADF4360-0 pins 9/10 (L1/L2) discrepancy

    Thanks for the question.

    The ADF4360 is a family of parts, and three of these utilize inductors on pins 9 & 10 to complete the tank circuit. The ADF4360-0 however, does not, so these should be directly connected to AGND.

  • ADF4360-9 muxout as a clock switch

    When changing the muxout configuration on the ADF4360-9 to and from the A counter/2 is it guaranteed to be glitch free or will it potential give glitches depending on when it is changed with respect to when A count changes?

  • Programming ADF4360-9 from microcontroller



    I'm trying to develop a frequency synthesizer based on the VCO + PLL ADF4360-9 and an Arduino (or a Raspberry Pi). I have the associated evaluation board (EV-ADF4360-9EB1Z) and it works nicely when controlled from the PC via the included USB interface…

  • fm modulator


    Is it possible to realize an  fm audio modulator with rf out  110-190MHz with ADF4360-9 with deviation +-50KHz.