• ADF4360-9 VCO process variation


    I am using ADF4360-9  as a transmitter with FM modulator on the VCO (Vtune).

    To ensure reliable performances on the modulation, I would like to avoid switching VCO band when varying across the temperature range.

    I have already reduced the inductor…

  • ADF4360-9 performance

      What are the main differences between the EV-ADF4360-8EB1Z and EV-ADF4360-9EB1Z boards? 

      What is the difference between its stability and jitter?

  • about Evaluation board for ADF4360-9


    I have some questions about the evaluation board for ADF4360-9.

    1. In the below user guide, Figure 1 and Figure 2 show a different version. the one is Rev.A, the other is Rev.E, I think Rev.E is the latest version, am I correct?


  • RE: Use ADF4360-9 to track an incoming carrier signal around 150MHz


    I figured out an alternative solution. Thanks.

  • ADF4360-9 minimum reference frequency input

    Hello All,

    I want to use the ADF4360-9 as a PLL circuit where the reference input frequency will be approx. 40 KHz (5MHz/128) and the RF output from the PLL circuit will be 5MHz.

    In the data sheet there is no spec for the minimum DC-coupled reference…

  • RE: ADF4360 Phase Noise Spec

    Hey, jut checking in to see if you have any feedback on the above? An integrated solution with better Phase Noise than the ADF4360-9 for the above specs, but in the same price range hopefully? Or would it be worth looking into PLLs with separate (either…

  • RE: ADF4360-9 questions

    10 years later, have a follow up question to the above!

    Am using divout and do indeed need to band pass filter the signal due to some spurs coming from intermodulation between the reference clock and the VCO, so knowing the actual output impedance of…

  • DIVOUT of ADF4360-9

    I'm planning using the DIVOUT of ADF4360-9 to clock an ADC. From the figures the data sheet shown, it seems the out is only about 1.5V when the output duty cycle is not 50%. Can someone confirm me that if use the A/2 mode, the DIVOUT will be standard…

  • adf4360-9 eval software USB driver

     I am trying to load the USB driver for the EV -ADF4360 development board. Win 10 requires drivers have digital signatures. I do not have the ability to disable signatures on our machines. Please advise

  • Pull the RF output of ADF4360-9 to DVDD, AVDD or VCCO?

    The data sheet says it should be pull the RF output to VCCO. But in the UG-106 (ADF4360-9 eval board), the R2 is 'DNI', so actually, L5 and L6 is pulled up to VDD but not VVCO, right?