• ADF4360-8 unlock at 60℃

    Hi, our customer designing PLL with ADF4360-8 at 340MHz.And found that the ADF4360-8 appeared not locked at 60℃.

    At room temperature the PLL  can lock well when Lext=20~27nH and 22nH selected.Can you help give some advice on how to choose the right  inductance…

  • adf4360-8 Lext value


    i'm using the ADF4360-8,

    need to know the recommended value of Lext if my output frequency is 320MHz.

    i tried 56nH but the PLL locks on 288MHz. in parallel  to  Lext i have 470 Ohm resistor

    i'm using REF clock of 40MHz with R=10,

    will appreciate…

  • ADF4360-8 Output Matching


    I am using ADF4360-8 in one of my designs, and I am finding it difficult to meet the -9dBm output power specs. As I am only using one of the outputs, I have terminated the other one, but given that I can not get the desired power I think maybe…

  • ADF4360-8的应用问题


  • Balun selection and configuration for ADF4360-8


    On the ADF4360-8 datasheet, page 23 of Rev A, on matching the outputs it states in part -

    "If the user does not need the differential outputs available on the ADF4360-8, the user should either terminate the unused output or combine both outputs…

  • 关于ADF4360-8输出电平的问题




  • ADF4360-8 vtune CP filter


    I am trying to figure out what purpose the filter between vtune and CP has, as that is not really explained in the datasheet.

    Obviously it is a low-pass filter, but what is it filtering?

    What impact does it have on frequency selection?

    I would have…

  • ADF4360-8 Some Queries


    We have some queries on the output matching of ADF4360-8.

    We require single ended output from ADF4360-8. We are grounding the complementary output through 50E resistor. By this technique, will the single ended output give 0dBm power? Or do we need…

  • ADF4360-8 single ended output


      If I do not need the differential outputs on the ADF4360-8, do I only use 50 ohm resistor to terminate the unused output? or i still need to add output matching circuit on unused output.(as Figure 28. Optimum ADF4360-8 Output Stage on datasheet).Thanks…

  • ADF4360-8 PDF value

    Hi Guys, I am working with PLL ADF4360-8. I know we must tuning Reg_R_Counter to PFD value smaller than 8MHz following Datasheet

    If PFD value > 1Mhz, band select is enabled. My project has PDF value equal 6.5MHz after tuning, but still can not work.…