• RE: ADF4360-7 Schematic

    All looks good.

    Also, see page 9 of the ADF4360-7 evaluation board user guide for reference: http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/user_guides/UG-104.pdf#page=9

  • An issue about ADF4360-7

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I  want to get a delayed 1.5GHz signal by  below solution. Delay the 10MHz input  signal of ADF4360-7 , and then get the delayed 1.5GHz signal at the output. however, I note that there is a delay unit in  ADF4360-7, and I wonder whether or…

  • ADF4360-7无输出!急求助!!



  • Band selection in ADF4360-7

    In my application, I need the band selected by the ADF4360-7 to be consistent.  Right now I see many boards where the loop is bi-stable - one with a control voltage of 1.2V and the other with a control voltage of 2.5V as I reprogram the device to the same…

  • ADF4360-7 as 500MHz clock source for AD9958

    Preamble: Maximum output power of AD4360 (-5dBm) is lower than recommended clock drive level for AD9958 (200..1000 mV). Moreover, I'm planning to split system by two or more boards - clock source on one board, DDS chip on another, controller on third…

  • ADF4360-7 HMCAD1511 时钟抖动

    现在用ADF4360-7的时钟输出HMCAD1511,要求均方根抖动为160 fs的时钟;ADF4360-7能满足要求吗?



  • the verilog code for ADF4360-7


         would anybody send me a verilog code for ADF4360-7.I‘m in trouble with it, and my code is not effective. I can't solve it!



  • ADF4360-7: Choosing the correct inductance value

    A question about ADF4360-7. If I need a RF out band 175-900 Mhz ( 350-1800 Mhz:2), how select external  inductors at pins 9-10  correct value ? I could  use the graphic figure 24 of  ADF4360-7 datasheet, but it's valid for 350-1800 Mhz RF band! Then...?…

  • ADF4360-7 generate 350 MHz by using 30 nH is ok ,but can not generate 1.0GH by using 3.1nH

    ADF4360-7 generate 350Mhz clock by using 30 nH to drive HMCAD1511 ,HMCAD1511 is work,

    oscilloscope can   see  the 350MHZ clock.

    but generate 1.0GH clock by using 3.1nH to drive HMCAD1511,HMCAD1511 is not work , 

    oscilloscope can not  see the 1.0GHZ clock.

    Is it…

  • ADF4360-7 Evaluation Board Design Files and Layout Description

    Hi, Could you please provide me EV-ADF4360-7EB1Z PCB design files, layouts thickness and materials used in each layout (FR4, Rogers, etc.)? Thank you in advance. Regards, Ivan