• ADF4360-7 VCO drift

    I am looking for the drift of the VCO  in the ADF4360-7.  I understand that the output of the VCO is ± 3 dB Typ over the full temperature range is discussed here:


    I am looking for how the frequency changes with…

  • ADF4360-7 Single-Ended Output


    Is it possible to have a single-ended RF output from ADF4360-7.
    If it is possible, is it just enough to connect unused RF output pin to ground via a 50 ohm resistor or should I use a balun ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Driving ADL5350 from ADF4360-7

    The ADL5350 needs about 4dBm LO drive. In my case the LO is around 1700 MHz. Do I need a balun and a LO buffer to use the ADF4360-7 as the LO source? Or perhaps some smart trick allows me to connect it differently as LO harmonics is not important as the…

  • 咨询ADF4360-7的DesignKit问题


  • ADF4360-7 power down mode

    Hi All,

    Today, one customer asked me about behavior of ADF4360-7 power down mode.

    Then, I have following questions about it.

    When get CE to low and power down the device,

    1. what should be expected as the state of MUXOUT(digital lock detect mode…
  • ADIsimPLL + ADF4360-7 @ 400 MHz

    Datasheet says that "ADF4360-7 can be used at many different frequencies simply by choosing the external inductors to give the correct output frequency." Graph on Fig.24 shows that if we need center frequency to be at 400MHz, value of both inductors…

  • ADF4360-7延时问题



    但是我看了一个analog公司一个关于PLL的英文文档如下图,它是ADF4360-7中的一部分,U3的输出需要经过一个DELAY延时电路,如果采用第二种方案会不会影响延时控制,使得信号延时失去意义,由于个人水平有限不确定U3 DELAY,IN,+IN-会不会对延时产生影响,我不知道控制10M输入信号…

  • ADF4360-7没有输出?


  • the package  difference about the PLL adf4360-7?

    Hi,I want to know the difference about the ADF4360-7's package in the CP-24-14 and CP-24-2.Can I use the  CP-24-14 and CP-24-2 in the same  PCB  PACKAGE?


  • 关于ADF4360-7的问题

    我想咨询下,我用ADF4360-7做一个频率源,输出频率从350M~1.8G,技术手册上通过说可通过外部的电感值来调整它的 中心频率,难么我的输出频率岂不是要用很多的外部电感值来覆盖??