• ADF4360-9 VCO process variation


    I am using ADF4360-9  as a transmitter with FM modulator on the VCO (Vtune).

    To ensure reliable performances on the modulation, I would like to avoid switching VCO band when varying across the temperature range.

    I have already reduced the inductor…

  • ADF4360-0 : Frefin below 10MHz ?


    in the data sheet of the ADF4360-0 frefin minimum is mentioned with 10MHz with an advice to couple below 10MHz via DC. I try to use 2MHz TTL-Signal to frefin with the result of large jitter on the R-Out monitored on MUXOut and no lock of the PLL. 

  • Ev-ADF4360-1EB1Z L1,L2

    I bought the Ev-ADF4360-1EB1Z. When I look at the board, L1, L2, R25 and R26 are all not mounted.
    Is this correct?

  • AD9361 interface with xilinx virtex-5


    I am trying to interface AD9361 with virtex-5 FPGA  for dual receive.

    On Virtex-5, I tried using Microblaze processor with no-os. But, it failed to built due to incompatibility of AXI-bus.

    Following are my queries:

    1) If there a possibility / work…

  • Contactless Sensing: Hall 5 V Output

    The power solution in this interactive document offers a detailed summary of the power supply design for each scenario in the Contactless Sensing: Hall 5 V Output signal chain option.

    The document includes the power requirements, the block diagram and…

  • LTE waveform files for AD9371/5 (122.88MSPS)

    LTE waveform files for 5, 10 & 20MHz BW for output sample rate of 122.88 MSPS attached as example.

    For other sample rates , please use matlab to create required waveform , up sample and filter to required device sample rates,

  • LTC3204EDC-5 Industrial Temperatures & Input \ Ouput Caps

    Is it possible to get the LTC3204EDC-5 guaranteed to Industrial temperatures (–40°C to 85°C) as opposed to the note below from the data sheet :-

    "Note 2: The LTC3204-3.3/LTC3204-5/LTC3204B-3.3/LTC3204B-5 are guaranteed to meet performance…

  • LT8609AxDDM-5#


    We are going to use LT8609AEDDM#TRPBF for our products to launch the market now, however we cannot get yor chips now seriously, so might be stopped ship our product.

    Well maybe it is irregal idea but let me know, can we use  the LT8609AHDDM-5#TRPB…

  • EVAL-MELODY-5 Evaluation Board support files (public)

    This FAQ applies to the EVAL-MELODY-5 Evaluation Board. All the latest versions of the support files that are available to the public will be attached below. Additional documentation is provided with the source code releases for these evaluation boards.…

  • FAQ: Typo Error at ADL5373/4/5 datasheet

    There is a typo error at DAC Modulator Filter components at ADL5373, ADL5374(Fig32,34), and ADL5375(Fig 60, 63).

    C1I and CIQ should be at pF not nF. So they are 53.62pF and filter performance is as shown at datasheet(Fig33 at ADL5373/4, Fig61at ADL5375…